Party dude Alex and a cup of tea.

Alex is 18 and so when he and a whole bunch of mates of similar ages went off to a party last night I was, well, a bit tense. He left his girlfriend and away he went with the college crowd to a friend’s house the other side of the city.

 ChuggerI think I have been too taken in by the general MSM view of our youngsters, and I was concerned at the amount of alchohol and drugs that would be around. Alex said he wouldn’t be drinking (or taking drugs) but nevertheless a mother worries.

As it happened Alex was up this morning ready for Mass and said he had a good time last night. He drank lots of Schloer and Coke and although plenty of booze was on offer, he declined and no one tried to force him to drink. There were drugs but no one tried to push that on him either. One person got stupidly drunk and threw up all over the place, but that was all. As the evening drew to a close and people began to make their way home, the late stayers waiting for lifts, like Alex, helped clear up and sat down for a nice cup of tea. Chatting with the crowd it emerged that most people there had deliberately avoided too much alcohol as they were all off to Church the next morning!

Having finished his cup of tea his lift arrived and he came home.


One response to “Party dude Alex and a cup of tea.

  1. What a nice thing to read a young man off out with his mates to a party and not geting drunk or drinking any booze or taking drugs and it sounds likes most of his friends where the same and saying he still had a good time.We read far to much in the papers or on tv about young people geting drunk and taking drugs so it was really nice to read about your son Alex!

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