The Colour Purple

The First Sunday of Advent is upon us and Roni went up to light the first candle at Mass this morning. The readings were about God’s Promise being fulfilled with both the first and second comings of the Messiah. It is the time of purple vestments and tabernacle curtain reminding me of the sky just before dawn-just waiting for the Son to rise. Obviously the readings were meant to remind us that we were not just looking forward to looking back at the Birth of Christ, but were also looking forward to the Second Coming- when after things look pretty bleak for people (like the days of Noah) Christ will return and then there is Judgement followed by Heaven or Hell -and that’s it.

We have been reminded over and over that we have a choice-we are free to make this choice- we can go down the road to Mercy or we can choose Judgement.  When I read St Faustina’s diaries one year as my Lent reading I remember thinking that no one would want to walk the road towards Judgement. The fact that there is mercy is a great comfort surely.

As we head through the last couple of weeks before the Christmas hols the children will be making decorations for a Jesse Tree with the O Antiphons. There are Christmas chocs, cakes and buscuits to make too.

In the Catholic Herald this week I was pleased to see a letter published under the title “ A Tragic Outcome” supporting my letter and one from a Fr Cahill in the previous weeks edition against the CES stance on Home Education and sex education in schools. (20th Nov) scroll down to “It’s as if we no longer believe the young are capable of virtue” and my letter further down “The Bishop must defend homeschooling”. It is indeed tragic that the CES seem able to sacrifice children to the government without anyone who ought to speaking out!

Never a boring moment.


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