So many young people saying Goodbye and God Rest.

We planned Donna’s funeral over last week and she was received into the Church on Sunday night for her funeral on Monday morning.

It was done beautifully and I was struck by the number of young people there who knew and loved Donna and will miss her so much. Josh did a couple of readings and the other reading was done by one of the Explorer Scouts who all knew Donna as her daughter is a member.

There were other youngsters for the Offertory and so many others there who came with their parents to say Goodbye.  Donna was very much part of our parish and so there was a strong parish presence on both Sunday and Monday night.

Alex has been supportive of his girlfriend and helped me plan the funeral. I have to say both of them have been remarkable in how they have handled this situation. I truly wish Alex had not had to do what he did and that his lovely girlfriend still had her mother.

Donna was very much part of our home ed group even though both her girls were in school. She was amazingly supportive of us all and the children adored her. Her support and enthusiasm for what we were doing will be sorely missed.

Donna and I were ‘mother-in-laws’ together-very naughty ones and I will sorely miss those days and the seriousness of being mothers to Alex and MC as they work their way through their relationship.

I think the fact that they have stood so close together throughout this appalling ordeal will stand them in good stead; but I wish they hadn’t had to.

We are grateful for the prayers and messages and for those who have been kind enough to offer help. Thank you all.

It’s difficult to explain all this, grief is a strange thing. I’ll leave it there. Sorry for the ramble.


2 responses to “So many young people saying Goodbye and God Rest.

  1. Oh bless! Prayers going up for all concerned. (((hugs)))

  2. I didnt realise the close connection between Donna & your family. I am even more saddened now to hear of her death.
    It must be such a difficult time for you all. I will pray for her girls & husband.

    with love

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