When good men say nothing.

There’s an old saying that evil flourishes when good men say (or do) nothing. I disagree. I think it is a very rare situation indeed where a “good” person can remain silent in the face of encroaching evil.

When attacks on the rights of families (opens Pdf H/T Carlotta) are made by organisations such as the NSPCC and those involved with the Badman Review on behalf of a Government intent on forcing it’s views even on children, then no “good” men can be silent.  The silent ones are not “good” at all.

The lack of press response is hardly surprising. We are just a bunch of “white middle class mummys” as far as they are concerned and therefore of no interest-and anyway children’s well-being is never interesting unless there’s a dead body involved.  I never thought of the MSM as “good” anyway.

But this attack (which is surely malicious in its intent) is not just an attack on some kooky weirdos who wont send their children to school like “normal” people-it is an attack on the right and duty of parents to ensure the education of our children.  But too many people are not aware of what is happening.

The MSM tells you everything you never wanted to know about some ‘celebrity’ or other and the latest-in grinding detail-sports events; but the real news never sees the light of day.  Many people who came to sign the petition last week commented that they had not been aware of what was happening. They WANTED to know, but had not had access via MSM to any information-and had therefore been silent.

But the “good men” who need to speak out are not just journalists (who wont) but those in positions of power and authority who are surely made aware by those in distress that the rights of parents and the well being of children are being undermined.

Politicians, councillors, bishops and even a few of those “celebrities” maybe could speak out against this.  The fact that so many Home Educating parents and children have spoken out has raised some awareness and brought our heroes Graham Stuart and Lord Lucas on board to fight for us.

It was wonderful to watch the petitions being handed in (scroll across to 7hrs 52min). The sheer effort of so many people mean the record was smashed. Carlotta reports that 288 MPs received petitions to hand in!

It was the willingness of families including many who have never and probably will never home educate joining us in speaking out that has led to the historic petition hand in.

Many people have remained silent despite requests for letter writing or just filling in the occasional petition. Some have openly admitted fear at giving out their name and address to anyone connected with this Government, and I have to admit some small sympathy with that, but if all of us had done the same you can bet there would have been NO politicians on our side over this apparently “small” issue. Without the concerted effort of those willing to put themselves at that slight risk-this Bill would be going through quickly and quietly. Even now we are not guaranteed it wont succeed as the Wash Up could include it.

We need to speak out against the constant attacks on the family through so many measures in this country. We need to challenge Ed Balls constant anti-family statements and strategies aand demand the needs of children come first, rather than be sacrificed to some sort of political expediency.  Children need to be safe, to be allowed to live, allowed to be born and cared for no matter what their disability,  to be under the protection of their parents unless there is good reason otherwise and to have an education that is both safe and true.

Silence is often collusion with evil, enabling it to continue.

We are silent too often.


2 responses to “When good men say nothing.

  1. It always seems to be the same people, but I have seen a willingness of many to get involved who normally don’t.
    Let’s hope that this New Year brings new hope.

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