Share and be happy. Give TIME and find joy.

Today’s readings were pointing us towards how to find happiness. Ronan went up to light the pink candle and even with all Donna’s flowers in church (which even though I had arranged for that took me by surprise) there was a lifted mood there.

Father told us we find happiness by sharing what we have. Give away your second tunic he reminded us. He is right of course, we need to hand on those children’s clothes to other mums who are struggling to afford them just as much as we did. We need to sort out the kids toys and make sure Father Christmas receives a few for other children.

There is joy in a shared lunch where everyone brings something and we all eat together.

But I think the thing many people seem to have little of is time.  Putting money in a tin is easy, as is bagging up those unwanted baby clothes; but rearranging your day for someone else’s benefit is a true giving. Making that phone call you know will be difficult because the other person is going through a bad time; but you make it anyway-THAT is giving.

Taking the children off someone’s hands for a day while they struggle with a crisis-that is giving.

One of the major sorrows for so many people these days is that no one has time for them.  We are awaiting the arrival of Christ and He will come in Glory one of these days and ask us what we did for the sick, naked and prisoners; many of whom are in our own families.

In short try and do things that make others feel better, rather than what you think will make you feel better and hey presto! There is Joy and Peace.


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