Advent O Antiphons and other stuff.

We sang O Come O Come Emmanuel today at Mass. I love it. Real Advent hymn.

Usually I have the children make O Antiphon decorations for the Jesse Tree, but I haven’t got around to it this year. Perhaps we’ll get chance to do something tomorrow. The children also need a bit of time to make their birthday pressies for Jesus which we take up to Mass on Christmas Eve and they leave them at the crib when it’s over.

Mass was especially lovely today. The huge tree is up with some of the decorations the children at the Sat night Mass have made. Alex stayed after Mass with some of the other Altar servers to finish getting the tree ready and to put up the crib.

We had a lot of baptisms in Mass today, two parents and their children and another baby.  Adult baptisms are more unusual but we are getting a steady stream of converts still.

I had a word with Father after Mass about a few bits and pieces to do with Donna’s funeral. He told me about letters and messages he had recieved saying what an impact the funeral had had on people. I had also received similar messages.  Death is a terrible thing in some ways and Donna’s worse than many, but even here something good can come of it. I am glad.

O Clavis David: O Key of David, is today’s O Antiphon. The Key that opens and no one can shut, that shuts and no one can open. It is the key that opens the jail of darkness so we can be led out into the Light.


3 responses to “Advent O Antiphons and other stuff.

  1. presents for Jesus is a nice idea. I don’t think we will do it this year but I will keep it in the back of my head for next year.

    I also forgot to add yesterday that I love the new look.

  2. Lovely, lovely!

    At this time of year every visit for Mass is such a treat isn’t it, Shell. I attended Sunday evening as is my habit and afterwards took a few minutes by the crib. It’s such a special time and such a special feeling.

  3. Your fame and lovely writing is spreading Shell!

    See the newly created Facebook page for my local cathedral. 🙂 I just had to recommend you…

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