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Home Education; A day in the life

It was quiet when I got up and came downstairs. No one got up and followed me!

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The Nazi Law that Badman is ambiguous about gets blasted by Judge in the USA

(I was going to say I thought Badman admired the Nazi law-but he is a bit more careful than that.)

This post by Blogdial is excellent. The Romeikes, a family who have found asylum in the USA from Germany’s gross behaviour is not the first. Germany is perhaps the country most sunk in the totalitarian approach to education, but the disease has spread throughout Europe with Badman even able to say:

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Home education: new books

I always keep an eye on bookshops and curriculums for ideas for books for the children and with some careful planning I can often get books off Amazon for less than £3 – you know those books that cost a penny but the p&p is £2.76 or some such.

I also love AdoremusBooks where I think the prices are reasonable even with shipping and I get the parcel usually about 10 days after ordering which is pretty fast. Faster than some books I’ve ordered from UK shops.

Anyway I have received three new books in the last couple of days. A Story of Beethoven is a lovely book simply written and illustrated with black and white drawings. It’s just right for Ronan and Avila enjoys listening to it. As he was a pupil of Haydn it has gone well with this months Classics for Kids programs. Nature in a Nutshell for Kids is set out Spring to Winter with very straightforward little experiments to do for each season.

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Home Education Review: take it to the Lords

The Bill to make the state owners of our children has got through it’s second reading. The HOC committee has been and gone and although much good sense was spoken there especially by Graham Stuart MP and Chloe Watson a home educated person aged 17 who managed to speak such good sense that she silenced the entire room at one point 🙂 still Badman and his mates have not so much as admitted their stats are wrong. This in the face of the maths (as Mr Stuart pointed out).

Now we take it to the Lords:

It seems likely that the second reading of the Children Schools and Families Bill in the Lords will come soon after we return from our winter half term on 22nd February, and that Clause 26 will still be intact.To interest peers in supporting HE at second reading, aim to canvass us before 9th February – we rise on the 10th.

Hints on canvassing us:

– keep it short. We have no staff, and too much to do. Make your main points on the first side, even if you say more thereafter;

– understand our limitations. We are most of us more or less ancient, more or less establishment, and conscious that political power rests with the Commons. Liberty plays well – but there are few absolute libertarians here;

– your aim is to find friends, not conquer enemies. You will find plenty;

– do offer to meet in the Lords, if that’s easy for you, or if you are part of one of the HE organisations ask if the peer would like to meet a HE family who lives near their home (peers have no published home addresses by and large, so only organisations are likely to be able to find a good local candidate).

After Second Reading comes Committee, when the whole house (meaning those who take an interest) go through the Bill line by line. What we will need for this stage are suggestions for amendments – different ways of having oversight of HE, different ways of supporting it. I know that the whole concept of oversight is anathema to some of you, but that’s the way we work and our strengths are more in grinding the government down gradually with practical arguments than cutting them down with politics. So do send in your ideas for amendments, as we can put them down straight after Second Reading.

Information on the Lords can be found on www.writetothem. com/lords
We are not obliged to communicate with Lords who are close to us geographically – we can seek them out according to their special interest and voting record. See previous posts 22nd January on contacting the Lords.

I recommend not only Lord Lucas but Lord David Alton as interested in freedom for families. Got to say though no one else springs to mind and I’ll had a look through the lists.

If anyone else can recommend someone, let me know and I’ll add to this post.

Confessions of a registered home educator

I am a registered home educator. In the UK the way it works (at the moment) is this. If a parent puts their child into school they become registered with the school. Then if you decide to remove the child the school (not the parent) is obliged to inform the LA. This is because the school is obliged to say they are no longer educating the child (if they ever were-but that’s another issue) and so aren’t entitled to that great wad of dosh the taxpayer has been handing over for said child.

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Home Education: a Day in the life

Friday mornings consist of much the same thing. Get up pray, clean, prepare the day, get the “stuff” together we are going to use. Plan the art lesson-or finish off the planning I started the night before and as I do try and get the Sign Language lesson ready I don’t have to do that…usually.

By the time the children are ready and the house is tidy and set up the families have arrived. Sometimes when I truly on a roll there is time to hear at least one child read first.

Everyone arrives and we get the kettle on and make tea. This, Iona tells me, if a very important part of the day. The children get a few minutes to play and sort themselves out. We mums and Iona catch up on news and plan the day.

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It would have been Donna’s birthday today. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. Please especially remember her daughters.

We had a quiet Mass for her this evening.

In the photo with her are Em and my daughter Iona who both miss her a great deal.