Starting the New Year and getting it a bit wrong. Ahem.

The holidays were, well, they were holidays; and therein was my mistake.

This morning, instead of a gentle lead in to term as I’d thought – I found myself with so much cleaning up, sorting out and putting away today that we didn’t even get around to family prayer. Arrgh! One of the mysteries of life is -does Lego actually breed?

It was a bit stressful. Nevertheless we did it all -mostly-and so there wont be so much to do tomorrow. Now all we have to do is keep on top of  it and hopefully term work will go fine.

THESE GOALS from the Overflowing Cup are really just right for us too. I have admit I like THESE RESOLUTIONS from her blog too. I am one of those more unusual home educators in that most of our home ed does actually take place here at home. Partly this is because everyone comes to us-our house is the Hub; but partly it is because going anywhere takes so much planning. If it’s local that isn’t so bad, especially now I have batteries for ye olde crip scooter and so it works. But fancier trips cost money so they have to be saved for (yep there is a jar). On top of that it means I have to be well enough to drive, will need someone to shove me and heft the wheelchair and someone to shove Heleyna in the buggy. It takes some organisation to make sure enough big people are around for the crip and the little ones. So, the end result is we tend to stay local more often than not. I still think we probably get out and about more often than the average school kid, but it does seem less than the average home ed kid.

Wishing you all a good 2010 and hoping you all were better organised in starting the year than yours truly here!


2 responses to “Starting the New Year and getting it a bit wrong. Ahem.

  1. Only those tiny ones breed. You know, the ones that dig in and stick to your feet.

  2. LOL yes I KNOW those ones very well! Ouch!

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