Matthew doesn’t actually mention the number of wise men who went to visit the King of the Jews, but we like the story of three in the West.

Personally I believe Matthew knew what he was talking about. All this stuff about how he is the only one to mention it so it can’t be true is a bit silly to me. Just because one person mentions something doesn’t mean they lied; it strikes me as a bit odd to think that way.

Plus the idea that Mark wrote first and so he would have mentioned it is on thinner ice when Matthew fragments have been dates to between 30-50 AD; kind of makes Matthew look like he was first-you know-just like the people who first put the Gospels in order thought; having known about it closer to the time. I wonder what Occam would say.

Meanwhile we have had a brilliant snowy day and the girls should be over tonight for their pressies.

Happy Twelfth Day to you all.


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