Snowy times- White Christmastide. Love it. (sorry I just do)

Some of you may have noticed, it has snowed.

As we are not Canadians or Austrians who only a get a few feet of snow compared to our deadly couple of inches-half the country has ground to a halt. Unfortunately the half that is still working includes my husband and son. But hey.

Last night Josh and three mates went to the local football field and built themselves an igloo which they then sat in and using my pretty pink camera took photos of themselves.

It seems you are never too old to build snowmen and igloos-which is good to know. They trudged home well after midnight.

Josh had made a snowman in the garden before he went out for the night of igloo building. This morning I felt it looked a little sad and faceless so I added features; complete with beard, of course.

We did a little learning time too today. Some reading and geography. Another home ed family came over and the children learned a bit about snowflakes and then we went back to their curriculum on mountains and volcanoes. They learned about how the Himalayas are being formed and made some of their own plate tectonics out of biscuits and ice cream. Once the experiment was over there was nothing else for it-they just had to eat it!

More snowman building had to take place of course.


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