Fighting on all home fronts for our children’s education.

I have often thought the main reason Lord of the Rings gets voted best book in those competitions, year on and year out-even when the ‘experts’ do their level best to ensure it isn’t- is because it has something special; it is truthful. Tolkein has some kind of deep understanding of life that shows through in his “not an allegory!” book.

When we fight a battle we fight it on all fronts-and there are times when you even have to enter Mordor to get things done. There is a really sad moment when we learn in LOTR that orcs were once elves, who gave up the fullness of their elfiness and fell to orcness. This was written by a man who has seen war up close- he had seen men who had given up their humanity to become orc-like.

I look at so many politicians and their journalists and I wonder what it was that made them give up the nature law and become less-than people.

This Government has made it clear that under Brown and Balls families are targets for attack. But they obviously thought of parents as a bit of a soft target, perhaps because so far we have been. But then they came after home educators. I think they saw us as just a bunch of slightly hippy white middle class housewives. People of no importance. There is irritation that Home Educating families dared to fight back-it being a gimmick you see. I think Mr Flynn’s open disdain for us just about says it all don’t you?

It’s been hard getting different politicians to recognise just what an attack on the rights of families this Badman and Balls review is going to be if it is allowed to go through. It seems odd to me that so many of our politicians have so much lost sight of just basic justice that attacking the rights of families being a bad thing has to be explained to them. Nevertheless there is some hope from the Lib Dems that the second reading of the Bill will get a hostile reception. I am worried though that even now there is this view- that even the Select Committee seem to agree with that there NEEDS to be a register of ALL home educators and yet when asked to explain a reason for this-there is never an answer. The Select Committee simply wants to know how many of us there are and to use the information for research. Can’t think why they don’t do some research with those of us already registered first and then decide where or if there is a need for anything else.

Meanwhile as Lib Dem Sarah Scarlett points out in her blog (above) the Government are all for finding the £99million to set up the bureaucracy to force us to obtain a license to home educate our own children, but that not a penny will actually go to help the actual education of any child. Even recognising this she thinks there needs to be a register-and yet doesn’t reply to questions asking why, and she writes that even NOW this late in the process the LibDems remain undecided as a party on where to vote. Should they side with the rights of families or with those trying to destroy them? Apparently it’s a difficult decision!

Politicians have this idea that when they repeat the same daft idea over and over and no one gets it that they simply need to keep repeating it but in different ways. Maybe we home educating families need a similar approach when it comes to common sense and decency. If we keep repeating it over and over, one day some politicians might just get it.

Meanwhile we will live it and see if that sends a message too.


2 responses to “Fighting on all home fronts for our children’s education.

  1. Brilliant post. When I first read the Flynn blog I thought it was good he was covering it – just skimmed it and didn’t read to the end. D’oh! Know thine enemy, eh?

  2. “Can’t think why they don’t do some research with those of us already registered first and then decide where or if there is a need for anything else”

    Ah well therein lies the problem. You see the problems float to the surface so LAs know (IMHO) the vast majority of the “cases of concern” already. In some areas these concerning cases form the vast majority of the home edders known to the Authority. So they think “no smoke without fire” and say there must be more in the the “unknown” popn. So then the home ed community say “that’s rubbish, we are all alright” and the PTB say “we need to prove it so we need to register you all”.

    From their point of view it’s a connundrum. From the EHErs point of view it’s a lack of trust, understanding and shows the gvt have an inability to learn from other countries.

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