Just doing home education and Cabbage as universal indicator recipe.

Despite a lot of “stuff” going on, I am managing to continue to educate my children and fortunately for me they are also continuing to educate themselves. I’m not good at reading out loud at the moment but yippee doo I have found that good ol’ Librivox has some goodish recordings that we can use so the children got to hear the stories of Hengist and Horsa and naughty Vortigern. They looked at some art work to so with the stories and we had a good discussion about the Scotti being their ancestors and the Saxons also being their ancestors.

In the kitchen we did some science experiments to do with acids and alkalines. I bought a pretty good book from Costco with posters, zip pockets and lots of science experiments to do. This combined with a nice little chemistry set means we can do all sorts of things.

We have had a good time making red cabbage into a universal indicator but also using universal indicator paper to test various liquids we had in the kitchen. Ronan decided to find out for himself what he thought he could mix from the acid and alkaline test tubes to make a neutral. (Just in case you want to know lemon juice mixed with washing liquid (ariel) worked really well).

To do this

Cabbage as universal Indicator recipe.

chop half a red cabbage and boil in water for a few minutes. Drain off all that dark purple water and pour it into three jars. Save the rest in another jar with a tight lid.

In jar one pour lemon juice; it should turn red for acid.

In jar two add a spoon of bicarb and stir. It should turn blue or green for neutral. (don’t add half a pot of bicarb as Miss Avila did or you will get a blue volcano in the kitchen sink. Fun I admit, but not exactly what the experiment was all about).

In jar three pour some bleach and give it a stir. It should turn yellow for alkaline.

After this you can use the other cabbage water and test whatever you like.

We are using THIS SET which I managed to get for £20 at the time. It says for age 10+ but I can’t see why the child needs to be that old if you want to get going with some simple stuff. Ronan will be 7 soon. We have used the test tubes a few times but the chemicals will be useful fairly soon I think. There is plenty in this set to keep us experimenting for a while to come.

In history we are learning about Rome and Carthage. Hannibal and his elephants with their painted ears and Scipio and his chickens. The children rather enjoyed the story of the sea sick chickens from Story of the World. In fact that caused more of a stir than the elephants. It was decided after due consideration that E and M would not be studying how their chickens eat to determine the future. LOL.

The activity was to imagine themselves as a Roman soldier and then we drew round them all and they found various parts of the house to roll out the paper and get to work drawing themselves as soldiers. As we had looked at a Sammuri warrior that morning as part of art there were some decorations of a somewhat Eastern flavour on a couple of the soldiers.

BTW I get a schools catalogue and noted that you can buy ready made cut outs of people. HOW BORING! The fun is drawing around the child so they are drawing themselves-all sizes of person. The clone like sameness of the bought ones would be a bit disturbing and frankly in the light of the present educational climate is a bit of a comment I feel.


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