What if Balls gets his own way? What if…?

I am sure that in the Home ed world as it stands that we mums and dads take care of one another in a crisis and one another’s kids when it’s needed.

So a day might come when a home ed group includes a couple of children without their mum that day because she has to work; or a couple of children on another day without their mum because she has an antenatal scan; or a couple of kids without their mum one day because she is at hospital with one of the other children. It’s normal life. We would want to take care of one another. However, what if Balls gets his claws into us? We are facing having to have a CRB just to be at home with our own children, what chance then or being allowed to take care of other home ed children to help out?

What if one of the mums is fluent in a language the other children want to learn, or has skills in media or one of the older children wants to teach the younger ones to make curry? Will they need a CRB?

And yet still the LibDems are wondering if there really is anything wrong with cracking down on EHE.


One response to “What if Balls gets his own way? What if…?

  1. Wow…The cabbage recipe is excellent…I am going to try and do this experiment with my daughter…I have a feeling she is going to love it.

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