Hoc Committee Children Schools and Families Bill. Badman at it again.

In between educating the children I have been watching or listening to the HOC children, schools and families Bill. It begins with a discussion of how Special Educational Needs can be better met and the appalling situation for parents who try to get a statement for their children.

(around 14:57) there was talk of OFSTEDs role in assessing SEN provision in school. From the way Mr Lamb was talking it seems OFSTED is only just about getting its act together in this area. This makes me wonder how they think they can assess something as completely different as education within family life when they have barely got to grips with an area they should have been prioritising, SEN provision within schools?

Graham Stuart talking about specifically children with autism who are home educated noted that children with autism (or on the spectrum I would assume) are supposed to get extra monitoring. Does this mean all of us with children who may have an illness, disability or SEN have to be ‘monitored’ more closely? I got the impression that a parent of a child with some level of autism who hasn’t had a formal diagnoses and put in place something obvious for the child’s needs then they could be prosecuted for neglect-even if they know the child’s needs and are dealing with them. Lack of a ‘label’ for the child could cause trouble for the family and if they don’t “cooperate with the authority” they would get an SAO and loose their right to home educate. Did I hear that right? (about 1:06) Did anyone else get that?

Then at 1:10 the next set of witnesses appear; Badman, Fiona from EO, Sir Paul of the National Children’s Bureau (got a knighthood; I wonder how); admitted to being involved in the PSHE (you know little kid grooming by the Govt) Chloe HE Youth Council,  Beth National Autistic Society.

Poor old Badders fell at the first question.

Then he had to answer the question on how he felt about the fact that Autonomous Ed might be allowed rather than a National Curriculum like prescription. Interestingly he tried to fudge and said that many home educators use a structured approach that was “high quality”. Now, it could be just me, but I got the impression he was saying he thought a structured approach was good and AE wasn’t. That would mean I am doing a good thing with my younger ones, where I am fairly structured-give or take- but my older AE child is failing to achieve her 5 outcomes or some such.  He is well miffed that some parents might not want to set hoops for their children to jump through.

Apparently it would be remiss of a parent not to ensure their child gets to know about “climate change.” He is fixated with that isn’t he. Anyway rest assured my children have full access to all sorts of information on that 🙂.

It is a very alarming meeting with so much deliberate misinformation and some misinformation I actually think Badman believes somehow all being re-hashed and never altered over and over again.  Worse than that Badman LIKES the fact that the European approach has been to remove the parents inherent right and duty to the education of their children. (I take it he has never leaned about natural law. Neither have some others and there is a struggle now to understand how rights and duties are inextricably linked. Sadly I think too many people have bellowed ‘my rights’ when those rights don’t actually exist).

He talked about listening to the child again. Only no one is listening to either home ed children who want to be left to learn OR children in school who hate it and want to be home educated.

Then the question of a suitable education came up. I think I need to write on that one separately.

That man Badman has so taken on the spirit of Balls as to appear possessed. He even made a snide attack on Graham Stuart over whether he went to “a better school” than he did! How Balls like! How lacking in maturity and thought! Later one he has the nerve to say “I wont give you figures that I am not certain of.”

I have to say too many people in the room simply didn’t understand the legislation. Graham Stuart does, but I was amazed that this late people sit around that table and STILL have not understood what is going to happen!

There is a huge amount more to write but I’m tired. Later.


2 responses to “Hoc Committee Children Schools and Families Bill. Badman at it again.

  1. Oooh, LOVE the Bishop’s blog! Great link, thanks 🙂

  2. Very nice summing up. Thanks.

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