CSF documents are up

The transcripts and memos for the CSF are up. I notice the poisonous approach by the National Children’s Bureau and the Family Planning Association.

But I am blown away by the NASUWT! A teachers union thinking they have any remit whatsoever on what families do in their own homes! WOW! Even the NUT wasn’t that arrogant!

First there’s this:

he NASUWT remains opposed to the right of parents of pupils up to the age of 15 to withdraw their children from Sex and Relationship Education (SRE).

As though teachers own our children now, and then this:

Whilst there is a strong case for the Government to consider whether the right of parents to educate their children at home remains appropriate in the context of a modern education system, the NASUWT generally welcomes as a positive step the provisions of Clauses 26, 27 and Schedule 1 which take forward the recommendations of the Badman Review in establishing more effective monitoring and registration arrangements for children educated in this way.

(I’ve bolded the words). I wouldn’t want any child of mine taught by people who think like this.


2 responses to “CSF documents are up

  1. :-O

    That’s me, with my jaw dropped.

    Though the truth is, our NEA pretty much feels the same way. Ridiculous. Infuriating. Dismaying.

  2. I think the NASUWT sees home education as a threat to its members over jobs less kids in school less teachers you need! At least it is all out in the open we now know what a number of groups think of home educators and appear to blame the parents for all of this! i think it is a good sign it shows they worried by home education we have rattled they cage and they very cross with us! Good!!

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