Gluten free bread recipe

Avila is 5 and as many of you already know she has had health problems more or less from the get go. Thankfully we have not had a hospital admission for over a year and half and the Paediatrician finally discharged her. However her health remained poor and although she has been seeing a chiropractor which has helped there are still lots of problems with her bowels and general energy.

She had a blood test some time ago to see if she had Celiac disease or wheat allergy. Both came back negative and she was discharged soon after. Even so I remember that when she was on a gluten free diet she seemed to get better. So in frustration I decided to try again.

In doing some research around this I have discovered some interesting points. First of all it is apparently very difficult to diagnose celiacs in children. It requires a number of different blood tests and biopsies. So a one of blood test isn’t the answer. The other thing is that celiacs is an autoimmune disease very closely related to type 1 diabetes; so closely related that many people with T1D end up with celiacs as well.

T1D is also closely associated with thyroid problems and disorders such as Hashimotos. Check out BillySu’s Thyroid Awareness Month post.

Getting Avila onto a gluten free diet has been a bit of a faff but we are getting there. Tesco do some good gluten free stuff, although sadly Costco don’t. Obviously going gluten free ups the food bill but if it works it will be worth it.

The bread machine is wonderful for this as bought gluten free bread is just yukky.

After some experiment I have this recipe with with a kenwood machine you do on programme 9. Check out the gluten free programme on your machine if you have one. In this order put

410mls water

4 medium eggs; 2 whole and 2 whites

45 mls of veg oil (I use olive)

5mls of cider vinegar (one medicine spoon full)

½ cup of buckwheat flour

½cup of rice flour

2½ cups of gluten free bread flour (I use Dove’s Farm it works well)

¼ cup of sugar

1 tsp salt (med spoon)

1½ tsp of yeast (med spoon)

Lots of recipes use Gram flour but Avila found it tastes horrible so we have adjusted it. As the Dove’s Farm flour has xanthan gum there is no need to add it (or try and find it to buy!)

Over the last couple of days we have seen a definite improvement and she says she has had no tummy pain either. I’m praying this really does work for her.


2 responses to “Gluten free bread recipe

  1. Oh, I hope this does the trick for her.

    The bread looks delicious!

  2. That does look yummy. So sorry you’re having these problems. Jude had a dairy allergy – he came up in huge red lumps when I tried to give him formula at 6 months, and then a very pronounced rash around his mouth anytime anything containing milk went near it. Once he went to A&E with breathing difficulties after having some chocolate, but of course he was fine by the time we were actually seen!

    Now he’s 4 and the rash has gone, and I’m giving him more things with cheese and milk in, but I do wonder sometimes if the allergy isn’t manifesting itself in other invisible ways (i.e. affecting behaviour etc). Food issues are so hard! I hope this works for your daughter 🙂

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