Home Education: a Day in the life

Friday mornings consist of much the same thing. Get up pray, clean, prepare the day, get the “stuff” together we are going to use. Plan the art lesson-or finish off the planning I started the night before and as I do try and get the Sign Language lesson ready I don’t have to do that…usually.

By the time the children are ready and the house is tidy and set up the families have arrived. Sometimes when I truly on a roll there is time to hear at least one child read first.

Everyone arrives and we get the kettle on and make tea. This, Iona tells me, if a very important part of the day. The children get a few minutes to play and sort themselves out. We mums and Iona catch up on news and plan the day.

Then the children gather at the table. Iona is running the first session. She teaches the children about spices needed to make a good curry. They get to smell and crush the spices and chop the vegetables for the curry. I had every sharp knife I own out . The younger children needed some supervision and the older ones needed a bit of knifemanship (if that’s a word) -tips about how to use a knife efficiently.

Then off to the kitchen for cooking the prepared curry.

While the curry was left to cook through the children came back to the table for their art lesson.

We are still using Artistic Pursuits but I like to expand the lesson a little for the older ones, especially as M has obvious talent in this area.

Then it was time for our shared lunch. All  the mums bring food and we had home made bread, soup, curry, fruit and veg…actually it’s a bit of a a banquet. We all sit around the table together, children aged 19(ish) months to 16 and adults. (Thank God for the 10ft table Al made). This too is part of education. The children learn to share the food to take care of the little ones and make sure they get enough too. They learn to sit and eat properly, to have good manners and to be patient in waiting for things to be passed around.

After lunch there is play time while we clear up and prepare the next lesson. Then the children come down for their history lesson from Story of the World, which this week was about India and Buddhism. Once the story and mapwork are done there is an activity based on the story we have read.

Sometimes the little ones join in and sometimes they go to the other room for play and story.

More play and then the great tradition of 4pm hot chocolate and biscuits before the families start to head off for home.

Lots of cleaning and tidying. Time to cook dinner which we eat as a family when their dad gets home. Then it’s cuddle time, and bed time for the small ones. The biggies sit together with girlfriends (if they are here, which isn’t unusual) and then the day is done.

That’s more or less how we do a Friday. One of the joys is knowing this is not how other home educators do their Fridays because they want to do different things and being different is fine with us.


2 responses to “Home Education: a Day in the life

  1. i wished we lived near you sounds a great day of home educating!

  2. Oh, me too! 🙂

    Finally replied to your question on my blog, sorry it took so long.

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