Home Education; A day in the life

It was quiet when I got up and came downstairs. No one got up and followed me!

Heleyna didn’t settle well last night and I think that’s why she slept in quite late this morning. I did morning prayer without interruption and even had time to sit with a coffee and look at a couple of blogs before the bleary eyed ones appeared.

As kitchen cleaning, tidying and breakfast began big people emerged from bedrooms around the house. Josh emerged eventually. He got in late last night from the Land of Luuurve. (hehehehe)

Alex hurtled around and left for college having overslept. I think we are all feeling a bit jaded at the moment; it’s not just me. Everyone, even the little ones, seem tired.

Iona always seems rather serene in her educational life. She potters around doing her writing, OU course and some cooking or reading up on something that has caught her attention. She was recovering a bit from ice skating with her friends last night; she does spend more time than most on her bottom in the rink it seems. LOL!

Lessons began with Ronan doing his typing while Avila read to me and then to her excitement she began the first page of Math U See Alpha. She was very proud of receiving her Primer Certificate yesterday. I don’t normally do maths with them on a Thursday but they both wanted to so we did.

Ronan read to me while Avila was working on her Maths and Heleyna was learning the colour yellow.

There was plenty of time for train track building along the landing and some kind of contruction with Mega Blocks while Josh got the fire lit before heading off to get his mended motor bike.

Avila did some work with a Starfall sheet while Ronan did some copy work and then it was time for a Bible story and discussion about the Prodigal Son and forgiveness from Jesus Our Life.

After lunch more play time and a story followed by the children reading to each other.

They requested a silly poem so I read them the Jabberwocky which they thought was great fun.

I had to go to the shops and now I have to get the dinner cooked.

You see, not every home ed day has to have lots of frenetic activity and loads of kids involved. Some days need to be quiet (well, as quiet as they can be when you live with Heleyna).

2 responses to “Home Education; A day in the life

  1. Thank you for that snapshot of your day!
    Lovely 🙂
    Mrs.P x

  2. roadslesstravelled

    I buy ours on ebay.


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