The Nazi Law that Badman is ambiguous about gets blasted by Judge in the USA

(I was going to say I thought Badman admired the Nazi law-but he is a bit more careful than that.)

This post by Blogdial is excellent. The Romeikes, a family who have found asylum in the USA from Germany’s gross behaviour is not the first. Germany is perhaps the country most sunk in the totalitarian approach to education, but the disease has spread throughout Europe with Badman even able to say:

Two pieces of the legal advice contained within my report makes it clear that under European law, there is no absolute right to home-educate—the chapter and verse are given in my report.

It was once recognised that the role of government was to protect rights, not decide on them. Unfortunately that has changed an while many inherent rights are being stripped from people-along with their responsibilities of course; other so-called rights are being made up. Later on we get this exchange:

Graham Badman: In Germany, there is no such thing as home education. It is prohibited.

Chloe Watson: May I contradict you? I know families who are home educating in Germany at this time.

Graham Badman: Well then, they are doing so outside the framework of the law, but that is not for me to debate.

Q 110Mr. Stuart: It is a Nazi law, but never mind. It was passed by the Nazis in 1938, specifically to stop children escaping the inculcation of Nazi propaganda.

Graham Badman: We agree. That is absolutely the case.

As for the USA, there is no countrywide system. It is done on a state system—some are very liberal, and some have powers of intervention. There is no national system. I can tell you that this report has been picked up by Stanford, which is very interested in it not least, of course, because of the very high-profile case that is currently running in America. My claim about other nations is simply to make the point that, where there is a registration process, there is not the sort of civil disobedience that you fear.

I underline those words. I am not sure what high profile case he means and I am sure it was not the German family gaining asylum but there is also THIS CASE being taken by the legal staff at HSLDA and I wonder if this is what he meant. New York has a bad reputation with homeschoolers as it is more, how shall I put this?- European in it’s approach. I’ve heard homeschoolers do get bullied there.

On this feast day of the ever wonderful St Thomas Aquinas, a man who understood learning, education and what it is to be human so very well; I can’t help wondering what he would say.

I really am afraid for my children’s future.


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