Home Education; love it, hate it or too tired for either!

Some time ago I read Danielle Bean’s article on how and why she both loves and hates homeschooling. I couldn’t put it much better.

I am so tired at the moment that it would be easy to just hate the whole darn process; but there are moments in the day that make me smile and think, “Well I would never see that at school.” I watched Avila using her Math U See manipulatives to work out a sum and made each of them a character telling each other how the sum should go.

This morning at the chiropractor Ronan read stories to the girls while I was duly crunched, stretched and needled. They all got a brief lesson in dry acupuncture as opposed to needles that take blood. There’s a pelvis and spine there too that the children have looked at and the chiropractor has told them about the spinal nerves and how they work.

Of course some of the stuff that happens here that would never happen (or perhaps rarely) in school is having to empty the potty in the middle of a Latin translation.

Today we made ‘acid rain’ on a bit of chalk to watch erosion and then used universal indicator to test how acid or alkaline our local (back garden) rain water is; it came out neutral.

Then there’s toddler story time.

We read “Oh Say Can You Seed?” and planned the seeds and beans we want to grow and the terrariums we are going to plant up.

Sometimes all I want to do is curl up in a corner and sleep. I have to fit in housework, cooking, trips to Beavers and doctors and God knows what else-and there are times I truly wish I didn’t have to.

But all of it is so so much better for them than the national curriculum, tick boxes and lining up. Why does Badman want to end this all?

QUESTION: Does anyone know a supplier for universal indicator paper? We use it quite a bit and I would like to get in more supplies.


6 responses to “Home Education; love it, hate it or too tired for either!

  1. But all of it is so so much better for them than the national curriculum, tick boxes and lining up. Why does Badman want to end this all?

    Badman wants to try and make it much harder to home educate to stop the flow of children from state school teachers unions want it stoped DCSF can see to many children moving away from school the whole system is set up for children to be in state school.Home education gets in the way of this! billions are spent on education via school and LEA/s so they is no way any government will want do to anything that does not support the system.Badman knew his bief and what he should say in his report he is following orders! it was time to attempt to control home education before it is to late? i would say it is to late the horse has bolted! but if they can scare make it harder it may reduce numbers?it all about numbers with them!
    I wish we had lived near you when our son was younger sounds like a brillent day of home educating! we got some computer software for under 11 would you like or maybe you know some one who home educates who could use it? its for free just want some one who home educates to have it

  2. I will let people know. thank you for the kind offer.

  3. hi yes do please let us know if any one wants the computer software one of the disk is called become a human body explorer its for age 6 to 10 it is really a fun way to learn.We just want it to go to a child or children who are home educated.

  4. is universal indicator paper litmus paper? I’m probably wrong, but i buy it on ebay to test the ph of the soaps i make 🙂

  5. Is this what you’re looking for?

    ( Oh, and by the way,”hello”. I’ve been enjoying lurking here but have been too busy to leave a comment. Sorry about that, it seems rather bad manners to visit regularky without de lurking!)

  6. Deb, Yes I think it is the same thing. We had some litmus blue with the chem set but the paper (these days) is called universal indicator.
    Clare-hi! Thanks for the link: perfect! Just what I was after. A whole ROLL of the stuff- a home ed mums dream lol

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