‘Young people’ night at our house.

I am having quiet time. Shh! Can you hear that? No. Neither can I! The smalls are at the park with their dad and I am sitting by the fire with a book and a blog. OOH it’s lovely. I am glad to have this bit of time more or less to myself. The constant feeling of being exhausted can wear a girl down-so an hour or two of quiet can make all the difference.

Tonight we will be invaded by a number of young people. The plan had been, apparently, that they would have a Saturday night out somewhere. But after discussion it has been decided that they are all off to 5pm Mass (one of them is reading) and then back here to book a canal trip for the Scout group, followed by a wild night of eating scones (Iona has been baking) and drinking tea and chocolate Horlicks -one of the girls is bringing the Horlicks. They may get really wild and toast marshmallows over the fire as well.

As they will be here I have no doubt that reading stories to small people may have to happen as well.

Ah the youth of today.

I know I should be blogging about more serious things-and I will. But for now, back to The Restless Flame.


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