Thyroid tests

It was Thyroid Awreness Month last month.

Iona is in the process of having tests for her thyroid function. She has had a couple of blood tests for TSH and on Thursday we went to the hospital for her to have an ultrasound scan of her thyroid. The Children’s is a good hospital (although I do get a bit fed up of the amount of time I seem to spend there!) They were very thourough. At the end of the scan instead of the usual blank faced “The doctor will let you know,” approach we have all come to know and hate, they were up front about what the scan had shown. She has some blood flow problems around the thyroid and some lumps and bumps on it. The radiographer asked another radiographer to double check because he said he was used to smaller children’s thyoids and wondered if he was accurate in what he’d seen.

Anyway, they will send the results to the paediatrician and he will look at them alongside the blood results and hopefully we’ll get some info on what happens next soon.

My guess is Iona will be referred to an adult services endochronologist- at least I hope so as she should have further follow up.

Thyroid problems are more common in families with autoimmune disease and type 1 diabetes is closely associated with thyroid diseases.

We’ll see how ti goes.


One response to “Thyroid tests

  1. praying for the best possible news. keep us posted.

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