Who is really disadvantaged in education?

Bareness Deech felt quite comfortable writing this load of twaddle on her blog.  She is following this equally ignorant piece by Lord Soloy. Both of these people have the power to vote for or against the Bill when it reaches the house of Lords and yet both show no knowledge or understanding or either home education, the law as it stands or what the Bill means. I am sure they are not the only Lords who are willing to spout as “fact” that is which nothing of the sort.

Meanwhile I wonder just who is truly disadvantaged by their parents choice of education?

As I mentioned in an earlier post we had a load of young people here on Saturday night. One of the reasons to meet up was to try and organise a weekend on a canal boat as a Scout event. Most boat hire companies set short breaks from Friday afternoon to Monday morning. It would mean picking the boat up about half two to three o’clock on the Friday and then being back by Sunday night. This would mean those who are school educated (all of them but Iona) would need to leave school an hour or so early on the Firday. One of the girls was panicking and horrified at the idea of loosing an hour or so of school. She insisted it would never be allowed. Others also thought there would be ructions.

The education thought box is locked tight. No education can take place outside of the institution. A group of youngsters working together, cooking, managing the budget, taking care of the boat, seeing the wildlife and history of the canals; non of it counts as education because it wouldn’t be in school!!!

I’ve lost count of the times my kids schooled friends have missed out on activities and trips because they have to sit home and do homework.

I wonder who was missing from the trip to the Birmingham Wheel last night because of homework? Or because they were just too tired after long journeys to and from school and all day wondering aroud the institution.

Just who is missing out here?


2 responses to “Who is really disadvantaged in education?

  1. This is such an excellent point. My own kids have had opportunities they never would have if they were tied to the institution. One year, during the school year we went to Florida to my brother’s wedding and to Walt Disney World. While there were many educational and historical things to see along the way and back (we drove from Texas to Florida) that they would not have seen otherwise (no, I am not interested in the same trip while school is out in our country of 300 million people!) they would have missed out on good family time. While that won’t convince the local authorities that they should “let” us take time when we feel it necessary, it is an important part of the whole.

  2. You make an important point. I am sad to say I know too many children who barely see their own parents let alone extended family. Its no wonder they get so miserable.

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