End of term. Rant and tired. (sorry)

We finished off a week of home ed with some bean and pea growing in bags. They are sitting along the kids’ window ledge at the moment and thanks to the fact that they have something that resembles heat now and then, they are actually growing.

I don’t know what the Jackbooted ones would think but the children also spent a bit of time watching a Silly Symphony and Shirley Temple singing On the Good Ship Lollipop. Now just before you think I’ve completely lost it (if I ever had it) there was a reason. Ronan is reading 26 Fairmount Avenue and Tomie is telling of his childhood and the things he enjoyed including watching Silly Symphonies at the Cinema and how famous Shirley Temple and May West were. So we had a quick look on Youtube and of course there were examples.

On Friday we were all too exhausted to really get the lessons on the go, so Confuscious will have to wait, though I have the worksheets and chapter if we want to do it this week….shall we? …erm. No.

We did however practice the songs for the Troy Story musical they want to get done by Summer. The boys were LOUD. The rap bits are hard though and will take quite a lot of practice.

While the comments are still being posted on Barreness Deech’s blog I notice there has been no response from her. I think there is a chasm between her and us. She doesn’t understand us and I surely don’t understand her attitude one bit.

I think I am becoming more and more removed from parents who send their children to school as well. I know many have to. Life situations do not always allow for home education. But I no longer understand why school is the default setting for families.

Josh is at Uni now and surrounded by “children” 18 and over who have literally moved from one institution to another without ever thinking about doing something outside of institutional schoolish walls. They are supposed to be adults, but they’ve never had a job, paid a bill or some cases cooked a meal. There is a horrible toxic culture of selfishness, spitefulness, drink and sex.

Meanwhile in the comments column of the thoughtless Barroness one parent shows the absolutely vile attitude and language of girls even younger than Iona.

I am tired of hearing about how important A levels are; and science A levels are supposed to be the ‘measure’ of a young person’s worth now apparently. What is so marvellous about a degree from Oxford or Cambridge if you are miserable and/or nasty at the end of it?

One mother wrote of the wonder her children experienced while out on a nature walk and someone asked her if her children could classify the lichen they saw on this walk. Ye gods! Talk about missing the point. Children are worth only what they can put on a test sheet.

When was the last time you heard anyone (outside of the HE Community) talking about their children in terms of who they are and how they are, rather than what exams they are taking, passing and what Uni they might or are going to?

Well. I am watching some of it up close and it looks like a train wreck from my angle. Parents need to wake up. Children are not machines for testers thanks.

Rant over. (for now)


One response to “End of term. Rant and tired. (sorry)

  1. Ironically since science A levels are being used as the bench mark of a good education, I just had a long email from a friend who is a lecturer in chemistry and he was bemoaning the frustrations of trying to teach the drones that emerge from the education system and thought that HE was the way to go. After all what makes for progress but intellectual curiosity? At least we can guarantee our children, *if* they go to university, will not have had the desire to know knocked out of them by a tick box system.

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