Ash Wednesday and I might be giving up pain for Lent!

Lent has begun. We went off to Mass this morning-well, Al and I went withe the smalls, the bigs are going this evening. Ashes were duly daubed on all of us and we were instructed to “repent and believe in the Gospel.” Good idea.

I now have to sort out what I’ll read and pray for Lent. Yeah, I know I should have done this ages ago, but better late than never. So. I am reading G K Chesterton’s The Innocence of Fr Brown from the collected works. Now don’t laugh, this is legit Lent reading I think-honestly. The stories always have that Chesterton insistance on reason and truth which I think is worth contemplating. I think I can learn a lot from the short little priest and his tatty umbrella.

I will also try and read the excellent Commentary on the Gospel of John by Steve Ray. It’s an excellent commentary which I read a few years ago. Time to return to it I think.

I am also going to try and do the Seven Sorrows rosary at least once a week during Lent. Now this might not seem like much, but I want to be realistic. I’ll continue with Universalis morning and night prayer which I am just about managing (not always night prayer) so once a week on the rosary is about it for me I’m afraid. Who knows by Easter I may be better at it.

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I went off to the doctors last night because of another chest infection. While I was there I decided to go for the overhaul and talked about my pretty useless pain management at the moment. He was really good. He listened to me; prescribed the antibiotic for the infection; agreed not to give me steroids at this time (I don’t like taking them unless I have to) and then when I told him about my daily pain and asked for amitriptyline to help me out. I’ve been taking a combination of Diclophenic, paracetamol and on bad days Tramadol for years and frankly it isn’t really working. Mainly because I wont take the Tramadol unless things get desperate because it makes me feel off (stoned to be blunt) and I don’t like being unsafe while home edding and taking care of the children.

I did ask for amitrip some time ago but as I was still breast feeding the doc refused. I have to say I could not see the drugs I was supposed to take were much safer but hey.

So the doc has agreed to start me on a low dose (pain doses vary from10mg to 50mg). I am to start on 10mg at night and then I can double it if it doesn’t work. I have to go back in a month for review and he even said he could get me referred to a pain clinic. Whoo hoo!! So we’ll see. Maybe I’ll be giving up pain for Lent. I certainly hope so 🙂

I notice the Wiki article says the drug is unapproved for pain relief, but I know plenty of people who have it prescribed for that and the GP even commended me on my request!


3 responses to “Ash Wednesday and I might be giving up pain for Lent!

  1. I hope the new meds make all of the difference. I’ve taken tramadol… 25mg makes me completely loopy and i feel “hungover” afterward. I don’t like to take it, but it does do the job when necessary.

  2. It does do the job-but I can’t take it all the time (even though one doc once advised me too; I’d be doolally tap by now if I had; well, some might say they wouldn’t know the difference but anyway…)
    God bless

  3. You are motivating me. First time in many years I missed Ash Wednesday services, as just couldn’t get there at right times, and feeling very awful about having started Lent that way. Need to switch out of that mode and get into what I’m supposed to be doing with this time. May try some of your books. (LOVE Father Brown).

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