Lent. health and home

Offer it up.

 I was going to say that Josh was doing so much better since his Carb counting lesson. I bought him some proper digital scales and we have been careful. He was hitting 6.7, 5.4 and so on. He has had a couple of 19s (hyper) but his highs have hovered between 9 and 11 which isn’t too bad. I was about to say he has hardly had a hypo but he hit 2.4 in the middle of the night and got up with a 2-so we are not out of the woods just yet. Oh well, we’ll keep it up. Unfortunately while he is so unstable night shifts at the NEC  are not going to happen.

Avila is doing reasonably on her gluten free diet but we still haven’t cracked it completely. I’ll keep going and then take her back to the docs. Please pray I don’t have to!!

We had the letter from the Children’s Hospt yesterday about Iona. She has a slightly enlarged lobe of her thyroid with a couple of cysts. It says her bloods were normal. She has been referred to adult services for follow up.

And me: well far from giving up pain it is much worse. Had to take tramadol. I was going to stick to 10mg of Ami for four days before thinking of doubling it, but no way can I stick this. So I doubled it last night. Still it isn’t helping much. I should have gone and sorted this out before the pain levels were building so much anyway. Ah well.  Perhaps I just need the drug levels to build in my system. I was going to look up the half life.

One of the major factors in pain management, so I’ve read, is lifestyle: I need to try and sort out things in the house to make life less painful. I am still lugging about boxes of kids clothes because we have no wardrobe set up. It’s excruciating! Al reckons we can afford something over the next few months, maybe more, as he has a little extra coming his way via work. Either that or we don’t have a holiday and we get the furniture situation sorted. The holiday this year however is more important than usual because of family circumstances.

I could also do with replacing the food processor that broke a year or so ago. When the boys are around I have a person to help chop and grate but if they aren’t I don’t and I can’t grip or grate well enough really.

So. Time to raid the jars. I have decided to put the kitchen equipment and Christmas money together and try use that to pay off a chunk of my Christmas/chiro/Alex’s driving lessons debt and that should mean I will be clear in only a couple of months to look at buying  processor and the beginnings of a wardrobe with sliding baskets just to help with the lifting.  I also want to get hold of a dustpan and brush thing that has handles so I can do it standing up.

Some pain creating things just have to be; the washing machine and dishwasher set up just means pain and there’s no way around it-but there are brilliant cupboard and wardrobe designs that would seriously reduce the heavy lifting I have to do all the time so I am going to try and do something about it.

Alex finishes his job today and there is no way he can look for another one until all his college work (LOADS OF IT) is finished, so I will need to budget for the extras there-not just driving lessons but his art equipment. He has been very sensible and saved so I shouldn’t need to worry for a while. I have paid for his last lot of driving lessons because he will need to drive to get work experience from the Summer onwards-so it’s not a luxury. We’ll cross the car and insurance bridge when we come to it.

Perhaps God is trying to see how much I trust Him. LOL.


5 responses to “Lent. health and home

  1. Trust……it is both so easy and so difficult at the same time.

    I have to keep telling myself that God trusted us to become Incarnate and live amongst us. He keeps on trusting us, to receive Him worthily at Communion and to be His faithful bride…the least we can do is try to reciprocate.

    Then again it is so difficult. We’re clean out of money. Husband is dying (drinking a bottle of Vodka a day) and desperate to stop, though detox from this level is dangerous….and I’m not functioning all that well, blood sugar way down….No point in trusting the doctors, I’m afraid. They are not interested in alkies and I’m just not straightforward enough for them (oh skinny girls like you seem to be able to cope with blood sugar around 2.0- the consultants comment). Cope!!! I have to, but it isn’t pleasant.

    Then I get a nasty visit at three O’Clock in the morning, laughing in my face, it spits “You can keep your Jesus, the world will screw you”.

    Strangely enough, that incident was a turning point. I call on Our Lady and St Michael. I speak to a priest. I’m told to cut off the oxygen of publicity to anything corrosive and to say daily the Te Deum. That is all I’m told to do this Lent…….

    It was the Holy Spirit who led Our Lord into the desert. It is the Holy Spirit who leads us and will take care of the minutiae of our sufferings and trials and tell us how to act.

    I don’t know about you, but when things are this bad, Trust becomes like a bold and daring love affair with God…….it is beautiful.

  2. Rita, You understand this cross better than most-because you carry it yourself. I don’t trust doctors and I have no family of my own to turn to or who will offer help in any way. In the end there is only One Person and He demands that I trust Him; and I want to. Why is it so, so hard?

    Josh is 20 and already has scarring on his eyes. I really want him to stable out soon. I pray you too find that level blood moment.
    Is your dh in a position to try AA?

  3. DH tried AA, last time, and the time before…..
    I’m afraid they don’t do it for him.

    Bottom line is, he will get the support he needs spiritually once he’s off. He just can’t get the medical help to come off safely. It is totally frustrating.

  4. Psychy services seem to have nose dived. There was a time when we took good care of people withdrawing from alchohol. Reducing doses of Librium with a lot of multivits helped. Now it’s just “get on with it”.
    I can only trust (that word again) that the intensity of the spiritual battle you are both enduring will lead to something better. It can feel like a very lonely road-but there are others there with you-even if we seem a bit virtual.
    God bless you and comfort you.

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