Home Education: The Bill is back

The CSF Bill should be back in Parliament today for more shenanagans. I can’t quite see this as debate as none of the excellent points of people like Graham Stuart and others have been acknowledged at all. Repeating the words “light touch, light touch” like a Diana Johnson mantra is hardly debate.

So far no amendments have been made either to the forced sex ed sections or the home ed sections of the Bill. It certainly has not helped that Oona Stannard and the CES have backed the Government while trying to make out they have managed to get some concessions for the rights of Catholic children. They plainly have not managed anything of the sort.

I have to regretfully say that my bishop; Archbishop Longley,  has refused to meet the home educating families of his Archdiocese on the grounds that he defers to the CES on these matters.

There’s a reasonable article in the Guardian.H/T Carlotta It goes off a bit at the end. Not sure I buy all that stuff about sth America but I could be wrong. The comments are the usual mix of those who know what EHE is and those who made statements when they patently have no idea what it is. And of course the ones who ‘fear’ what some of us might get up to.

Also from Carlotta she links to Jeremy Wright MP for Rugby and Kenilworth. The more MPs who think like this:

There may well be a case for establishing an inspections scheme to ensure that home education is of a sufficient quality, but that case has not yet been made. The Government have justified these measures on the basis of child protection issues.

Parents who make the decision to educate their children do not choose an easy path and they make considerable sacrifices in order to follow it. Suggesting that their children may not be safe in their care is not the right way to assure ourselves that these children are being educated well.

the better we will be.

Anyway let’s see what happens today…

One response to “Home Education: The Bill is back

  1. Hi mum6kids, check out friday’s Jeremy Vine show from Radio 2 on iplayer, it will make your head explode.

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