Blessings and the Kindness of friends.

I wrote a post a few days back going through some of my plans for proper pain management. The Amitrip has begun to work and although I need to adjust the dose somewhat I have hope that I am going to get to grips with this pain malarky.

I mentioned some of the things that I would like to do once I have saved up enough and one of those things was a dustpan and brush with longer handles so I can stand up.

Well yesterday the doorbell rang and there was a delivery man clutching a long parcel addressed to A. Friend. It was a veleda broom and the delivery note tells me that the second half of my gift will arrive soon. I am guessing the long handled dustpan is that part.  While I think the sender was trying to be anonymous as the note said “To A Friend from A. Nother Friend” I noted something which means I just want to say a very big


That was so thoughtful and it will make a difference.


I’ve been told my FIL is willing to let us have the money we need to buy the wardrobe and food mixer! Hopefully we can sort that out soon and my heavy box lifting days should be over. The food mixer will be a great help and more so as I have a friend who could do with help there too and I wanted to prep her veg for her-but just can’t at the moment; as I can barely do ours!



2 responses to “Blessings and the Kindness of friends.

  1. How very, very sweet! God is very good and very often He is good through others.

  2. Oh gosh, you figured it out. There i was trying to be all anonymous and everything. Oh well, nevermind. I do hope it makes life a little easier for you, or will do when t’other half of it arrives. You are very welcome, I’m only sorry that somehow you found out about the sender! Consider it thanksgiving for your friendship and encouragement and for all these wonderful posts about you and your lovely family.


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