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Ditched the NSPCC? Good. Here’s a better place to send your money.

I have recently come across EF Pastor Emeritus blog. He writes well.

He wrote this amazing story of nuns who negotiate to buy the time of child prostitutes in Brazil. The parents bring the children to do the “work” because they believe this is the only way to make money to live on.

The sister has written a book which you can purchase here and it seems they work with children all over the world.

Father finishes his blog entry with this:

Sister Mary Beth Lloyd and her colleagues are probably spending Easter working miracles in a Brazilian transit terminal with little more than the price of a bus fare.

You can help by making donations payable to Religious Teachers of Filippini and mail to Sr. Mary Beth Lloyd, MPF at Villa Walsh, 455 Western Avenue, Morristown, New Jersey 07960.

There are many many people who need our help and who are genuinely doing very good work at the sharp end of horror. So forget Govt sponsored psuedo-charities who will ditch their remit to look good for their master. These sisters work for one Master and He is worth looking good for 🙂

Home Education in Holy Week.

This is what we are up to for Holy Week. The activities are a bit limited as I have a chest infection (again) but I’ll update this post as the week goes on. We plan to have an Easter party on Good Friday. Not a brilliant choice of day but it’s the only one we can all make.

Bible stories start with the Raising of Lazarus which is the story for Sat gone. Then yesterday was Palm Sunday so the children heard the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem on the donkey. We are using the Hamlyn Catholic Children’s Bible. I can’t link to it because it is the one I had as a child and I’m not sure they still exist. I think the nearest approximation is The Golden Children’s Bible.

Today we looked at the Stations of the Cross together. I printed this Pdf booklet of b/w pcitures the children can colour,  courtesy of CatholicMom.

Instead of out usual Latin lesson the children listened to this:

They learned Via Crucis and Via Dolorosa and we looked at the first verse of the Stabat Mater.

I’ll try and update for each day.

Tues: Using the Faith and Life Book Jesus Our Life the children learned the prayer for the Stations of the Cross

We adore Thee Oh Christ and we bless Thee

Because by Thy Holy Cross

Thou hast redeemed the world.

It also happened that Ronan’s grammar sheet for today was about how to use capital letters when referring to God (Language of God Level A Catholic Heritage Curricula).

Having watched some of Market Kitchen yesterday the children have a refresher on the seder plate items and they watched this little vid of the first question’ Why is this night unlike any other night?’

Petition closed.

The petition to the bishops is closed and ready to be sent. You can check it out here.

There are good signs that a couple of bishops are prepared to speak out alongside others.

Home education and the law of subsidiarity.

Taking a gander around blogs I see the debate over what has been dubbed Obamacare is hot and furious.  One of the subjects that comes up among the more thoughtful bloggers and comments is the issue of subsidiarity and how Big Fat Nanny Statism massively undermines any hope of it.

This argument fits well into the situation of the CSF Bill (which hopefully will drown in the wash up) and home educating families.

But even if the Bill fails – no forced sex ed and no forced licensing of home ed parents- the chances are that whatever happens at the GE  the next Govt already knows about us and  mutterings of “they will have to register” are being heard.

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This weeks books for home education

These are some of the books we have been reading this week.

The Librarian who measured the earth is a beautifully illustrated story of the life of the difficult to pronounce Eratosthenes who after some difficulty with camels found a better way and managed to pretty accurately work out the circumference of the earth.

Nicely written, and with the maths explained in such as way that I think makes it easy to grasp.

We love it.

We have also read Grandfather’s Journey which is quite a short but moving tale of a Japanese man who travels from Japan to America and back to Japan where the Second World War keeps him.

Ronan is still reading Here We All Are the second of the 26 Fairmount Ave books by the ever wonderful Tomie dePaola. We have been using some Youtube vids with this story (it’s amazing what you can find on Youtube) so the children have heard Tomie’s famous cousin Morton Downey Sr the tenor.

Heleyna loves having her Peppa Pig book and We’re Going On A Bear Hunt read with her and she plays bear hunts with her friend, which can involve rather a lot of toddler shrieking. (ouch).

We had a couple of fairly quiet days the end of this week so more stories could be read such as The Story About Ping which comes with a great CD that offers a couple of Chinese greetings, some basic info on Chinese culture and a couple of songs. I think it’s good and I recommend it.

Teacher mock shot in front of children and 5yr old left up a tree. Home educators continue to have to defend themselves.

The fact that elf’n’safety meant a 5yr old was left up a tree and his rescuer had the police called on her is nothing compared to the fact that a school thought it a good science lesson to pretend to shoot a teacher in front of children, one of whom lost her father when he was shot dead. Please not the head isn’t sorry the deeply wicked charade took place, but only that it took a while to let all pupils know it was just a “joke”.

As this story follows so quickly on the fake holocaust story where children were told they would be taken from their parents.

Now I don’t trust the MSM at all. They couldn’t tell the truth if it bit them-but these stories are apparently true; at least no one seems to be denying them.

So why, I wonder, are we EHE families facing such a massive battle for the rights and well being of our children?

While Deech and fellow cronies complain that HE children don’t – or some people insist can’t- do science, I have to say if that story is an example of a science lesson then Deech et al are right; we don’t do that kind of science because it is plainly cruel.

A baby

My friend Jo gave birth to her son Emrys last night. We had her girls here for the afternoon while she was in labour at home.

Al took the girls home some time after 7pm and Jo has just told me they were just ready for bed when the baby arrived and they could come downstairs and meet him. Marvellous!