The silence of bishops.

I wrote to my bishop (Archbishop Longley) and to the Bishop of Birmingham David Urquhart. I have received no reply from the latter and the former refused to meet up with his local home ed parents, instead telling me to contact the CES (Catholic Education Service) as the bishops apparently defer to them!

Amanda and Mark, -home educating parents who like nearly all of us, are concerned about our children’s future have written this petition which I ask you to sign.

To:  Bishops of England and WalesWe, the undersigned, call upon the Bishops of England and Wales and the Catholic Education Service to fulfil their duty as guardians of our Catholic Faith and unequivocally reject recent Government measures forcing Catholic schools to teach what is explicitly condemned by the Church, viz: presenting active homosexuality as an acceptable alternative lifestyle, and providing information on the nature – and provision – of contraception and abortion services. Compliance on the part of the Bishops and the CES in such measures would effectively render our schools no longer Catholic in any meaningful sense, and would place the faith and moral life of our children in jeopardy. As Catholic parents, teachers and pastors, we earnestly beg of you, our Shepherds in Christ, that you do not allow this to happen.


Perhaps if the bishops see they are needed and we would support them in speaking out-they will do so.


One response to “The silence of bishops.

  1. i have signed it hope it helps

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