A lot can happen in three days.

I feel like I’ve barely stood still over the last few days. It gets like that sometimes.

But we’ve done some great stuff and I’ve had some lovely surprises.

The stand up dustpan that Deb so kindly had sent, arrived and it came in a box that Heleyna really loved. It was a house, a nest and a boat.

Already my new dustpan and brush set are proving their worth.

Lots of learning has been going on and Roni received a visit from his godmother who brought him his birthday pressies – a book called Flat Stanley which he has really got into and Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox. We also got given two whole crates of science kits and equipment. There’s tons of stuff to look at. Ronan has taking a liking to the telescopes and we’ve started making a kind of solar system thing and there’s a stand up star chart. Lots to explore there.

We babysat some younger HE children while their mum went for an antenatal scan. There was a lot of singing and older children reading stories to younger children that afternoon.

Then I rushed off with Avila to her ballet class. She loves ballet. It does seem to really suit her and now the new diet is apparently working reasonably well, she has more energy and can easily keep up with everyone for the full lesson.

Then yesterday we headed off to Think Tank for the day.

There was loads to do there. I bought a family season ticket with a view to going there at least once a month. There is no much for the children to learn about there. They have classrooms as well so I want to ask if we EHE folks can use them while we are there.

J has already asked if -baring in mind we are all buying season tickets-we can have the schools pack. it was said we could so next time we go I think we should ask again.

I was a bit shocked at the price of parking-baring in mind the entry fee-but J knows a cheaper place for next time.

It’s wheelchair friendly throughout with good sized lifts so a disabled parent can fit her children in the lift with her.

Doorways are all easy to access too.

Staff are helpful -which is good because the

place isn’t well sign posted inside.

There was a schools invasion near lunch time and that made things difficult so we left at about 2pm. However I am told that the schools leave after a couple of hours-just after 2ish themselves so next time we might sit tight until the place is cleared again and then we’ll have the run of it until about 4ish.

Then this morning Ronan had a hospital appointment which his dad took him too.

Recap; Ronan has a cataract in one eye which was missed when he was a baby (despite me querying his vision with the HV). Finally it was diagnosed when he was 18mths old-and too late to remove it. It appeared he had no vision in that eye and wouldn’t learn to have any even with surgery to remove the cataract. So we decided not to operate. Then he told me he could see out of his ‘bad eye’ and I tested him and found he had some periphery vision-so back to the hospt we went. They did further tests and yet again it seems he will never really learn to see with that eye so we have decided (again) not to operate. If they did the surgery he would then spend months maybe a year even with his good eye patched to try and force the other eye to see and with no really good outcome. I thought he would loose a lot of learning at a critical stage and Ronan said he would rather just have one eye. So that’s where we are. The Doc has said he wont discharge Ronan but will see him yearly to make sure his good eye remains good.

So that’s it.


3 responses to “A lot can happen in three days.

  1. Hi,
    We home ed in North Birmingham and are having an educational session ‘Changing Materials’ next week at Think Tank. You only need 10 people (inc adults) for them to do a session for you and all their sessions are on their website. If you have a season ticket i think its only a couple of pounds each. At the front of Thinktank on Curzon Street there is a pay and display car park and it is 2.00 all day after 11.00. Also we have found it a nightmare when there are school groups booked so i usually phone them beforehand to ask if any groups are booked for that day – its lovely and quiet then. Hope this helps. take care.

  2. wow thank you! that is really useful info.

  3. Fr Mark Swires

    not for publication please

    Dear Mum6kids,

    I couldn’t find an email address, personal name or contact details on your site. I’m one of the (many) priests who are concerned about the CSF Bill.

    Would it be possible for you to let me know your email adddress and perhaps phone number.

    Remembering you and your work at the Lord’s altar.

    God bless,

    Fr Mark.

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