CSF Bill in the Lords

You can watch it here – starts at 4hrs 6min

Hansard transcript HERE

I haven’t watched it yet.

Okay I have watched it now. There is a lot to say I suppose but the real thing that struck me was how dishonest some members of the House of Lords are. For some maybe it was simply ignorance but I was still amazed at what some people said and how they said it.

I don’t think Baroness Deech likes us. We are, to her view, uncaring of the rights of our children. That was such an utterly deplorable and dishonest speech.  But she was by no means the only person who wore jackboots and carried erroneous information to the debate.

I lost a lot of respect for the House of Lords to be honest. I had thought they were a more robust group of people. I have to say that the Bill must be pretty shoddy if those who wish to support it need to be dishonest and selective in presentation of information to force their view. If it really is going to shore up the rights of children and improve access to education then there should have been speakers able to say so honestly and with real evidence to back their claims.

The Bill has been around over a year and yet still those who want it to go through had nothing to say that showed it’s merit.


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