We made lava lamps for science week.

As part of my nod towards it being International Science and Engineering week we made lava lamps today.

It was great fun and carried on from the oil and water experiments we did last week which was good.

You need a bottle and some water, Pour about a couple of inches worth of water in and then top up with cooking oil. (This is where the gallon bottles from Costco come in handy)

Add some drops of food colouring and let the whole thing settle for a short while.

You will need to add some fizzy tablets of some kind. We had some old Alkeseltzer ones.

Break them up a little and drop them in.

You should get a great lava lamp effect as bubbles of water stained food colouring dance around the oil.

Once it dies down you can put the lid on.

Then when dad and big brother are home you can drop in another tablet while holding the bottle over a torch and get an even better lava lamp effect.

Have a go. It’s fun.


3 responses to “We made lava lamps for science week.

  1. Oh that looks simple, and lots of fun, and not too messy. AND I can call it a science experiment! It ticks all the boxes!
    I’m definitely going to try that.

    BTW, thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve actually had you in my reader for a while now and have been enjoying reading along but have been too hamstrung to comment ( with nursing baby it’s easier to scroll and read that to actually type one handed lol!) But I just wanted to say I really appreciate alot of your very informative posts about some of the latest aggressive moves against home ed here in the UK. Home edders are a disparate bunch but the internet is proving to be a powerful tool for combining and strengthening our influence and reach.

    Are you on the CathHomeUK yahoo list? That is also a very useful group.
    I hope to leave you the odd comment from time to time, but I will be following along here anyway.
    For now, back to nappies!

  2. Hope you enjoy the lava lamps Clare. I remember the typing one handed with baby plugged in phase. Not easy!
    I’m not on that yahoo list, but on some others.

  3. Betty Parquette

    I’m a homeschooling mom from the U.S. (Springfield, IL) and looking to find other Catholic homeschooling kids across the ocean who might like a pen pal(email) from some kids over here. Any suggestions? I have a boy (16), boy (12), and daughter (3).

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