If you want to understand what is happening to Home Educators read the Bible.

I think that if ever I wrote a course to teach human psychology I would have the Bible as a core book. If you truly want to see the whole spectrum of human behaviour from saints to abject sinners, this is the set of books to go to.

Beginning in the Garden we see the great dragon gets right into the middle of the place, it’s heart, and starts his mischief. He asks Eve a question that has a hint of a lie in it.

“Did God really say you cannot eat from any tree in the Garden?”

This is Satan asking just how mean can God get. There is an assumption that Eve couldn’t possibly believe God was on her side could she?

It’s such a tiny shift in language, just a little poison there. Nothing to worry about?

If Eve has nothing to hide she has nothing to fear from answering such a tiny question right?

Just like we EHE families shouldn’t be too concerned when the suggestion is made that our children are hidden and so just possibly, not that this is an accusation mind, but you know children can be forced into domestic servitude and marriage and otherwise abused.

Eve points out that of course they can eat from the trees, just not the one that would kill them.

Forget the subtle lie-go for a neat twist of the truth. “You wont die (the death), you”ll be like gods knowing good from evil.”

This lie is tougher to deal with; it’s the kind the MSM are good at. Take a bit of truth in a story and twist it out of all recognition.    Satan looks to be truthful; they don’t die it seems, and they do suddenly find themselves knowing good and evil so what’s wrong with his remark?

What’s wrong with saying Khyra Ishaq died because she was home educated? What’s wrong with saying she was hidden (as that eejit on Woman’s Hour said to Fiona Nicholson)?

Eve fell for it. I have some sympathy with her as Adam just stood there and let this nasty huge beastie threaten her and tempt her and he said nothing. Silence far too often helps the bad guy doesn’t it?

Eve may have been full of Grace at this point, giving her an advantage over us, but we have years of this kind of behaviour to study both in Scripture and other histories so what is our excuse for falling for it exactly?

Eve takes a bite from the fruit thinking it might do some good. Is this like those people who support the CSF Bill because they think that the vague promise of money for registration or the ridiculously impossible promise that if home ed families apply for a license to educate their own children that some child somewhere wont get abused!!??

She ate the fruit and wow suddenly her eyes were opened- her innocence lost (and a great load of Grace lost with it) and she apparently wasn’t dead.  Or was she?

Adam joins her.

Then we are treated to the conversation between Adam, Eve and God. Adam,  blames Eve rather than apologise and Eve with more apology but still not much blames Satan. Satan doesn’t get to speak again; he is a liar and a murderer you see.

Adam and Eve are dead and soon their bodies will die too.

You often find that where there are lies there are corpses. It’s not like we don’t know this now is it?

As the wonderful old cynic Ben Sirach wrote “There is nothing new under the sun.” (Ecc 19)

So I just wonder; why is anyone falling for this CSF Bills attack on families? Do you really think it will save a child? Do you really think the Government’c approach to sex ed isn’t going to help the abortion industry?


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