This weeks books for home education

These are some of the books we have been reading this week.

The Librarian who measured the earth is a beautifully illustrated story of the life of the difficult to pronounce Eratosthenes who after some difficulty with camels found a better way and managed to pretty accurately work out the circumference of the earth.

Nicely written, and with the maths explained in such as way that I think makes it easy to grasp.

We love it.

We have also read Grandfather’s Journey which is quite a short but moving tale of a Japanese man who travels from Japan to America and back to Japan where the Second World War keeps him.

Ronan is still reading Here We All Are the second of the 26 Fairmount Ave books by the ever wonderful Tomie dePaola. We have been using some Youtube vids with this story (it’s amazing what you can find on Youtube) so the children have heard Tomie’s famous cousin Morton Downey Sr the tenor.

Heleyna loves having her Peppa Pig book and We’re Going On A Bear Hunt read with her and she plays bear hunts with her friend, which can involve rather a lot of toddler shrieking. (ouch).

We had a couple of fairly quiet days the end of this week so more stories could be read such as The Story About Ping which comes with a great CD that offers a couple of Chinese greetings, some basic info on Chinese culture and a couple of songs. I think it’s good and I recommend it.


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