Ditched the NSPCC? Good. Here’s a better place to send your money.

I have recently come across EF Pastor Emeritus blog. He writes well.

He wrote this amazing story of nuns who negotiate to buy the time of child prostitutes in Brazil. The parents bring the children to do the “work” because they believe this is the only way to make money to live on.

The sister has written a book which you can purchase here and it seems they work with children all over the world.

Father finishes his blog entry with this:

Sister Mary Beth Lloyd and her colleagues are probably spending Easter working miracles in a Brazilian transit terminal with little more than the price of a bus fare.

You can help by making donations payable to Religious Teachers of Filippini and mail to Sr. Mary Beth Lloyd, MPF at Villa Walsh, 455 Western Avenue, Morristown, New Jersey 07960.

There are many many people who need our help and who are genuinely doing very good work at the sharp end of horror. So forget Govt sponsored psuedo-charities who will ditch their remit to look good for their master. These sisters work for one Master and He is worth looking good for 🙂


3 responses to “Ditched the NSPCC? Good. Here’s a better place to send your money.

  1. Stupid question, but what is the problem with the NSPCC?

  2. Sorry, forgot to click ‘notify via email’

  3. Ignore me, I’ve used google to find the relevant posts on your blog! thanks!

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