This one’s for you Marie Claire :)

Thanks to Clare of Battlement’s of Rubies I found this freely educate website and thanks to them I found this astonishingly fun interactive periodic table.


5 responses to “This one’s for you Marie Claire :)

  1. I’m glad that was useful.
    It’s funny because much of what Freely Educate links to passes me by ( it’s either not relevant, or I’m just too swamped with other stuff to pay too much attention) but I also liked that one very much and have sent the link to my 15 year old ( who is in high school) and suggested that his chemistry teacher might like it too.
    Oh, and when I opened your blog in my reader I did a double take because visually I took in my blog name and Marie-Claire at the same time ( you know how you can read several words at once). That was the name that we were going to give to Marie-Aibhlinn and for a while that’s what we called her. For some reason I thought you were addressing HER in your blog title ( don’t know why I would even begin to think that as the little dabs is only 5 months old and not greatly interested in the periodic table yet, but perhaps I can blame sleep deprivation again for that!)
    Wishing you a blessed Easter!

  2. LOL Clare Happy Easter to you too. Marie-Claire is my son Alex’s girlfriend and is presently up to her eyes in A’level Chemistry. So I put this up for her.

    God bless you.

  3. Happy Easter, Shell. I hope you and your family are well. God bless.

  4. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for highlighting my blog! That’s cool! I’m glad – personally – to have found your site, as you seem to enjoy Charlotte Mason learning as I do. I’m off to browse around your blog! Thanks again!

  5. Lori glad you found me and thank you for your really useful blog 🙂

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