O diem praeclarum! Christus Resurrexit!

Lent is over at last and He Is Risen! O what a beautiful day. Christ is Risen.

Lent has been utterly tough this year and last night as the lads went off to serve for the Vigil I was beginning to think I would still find myself in a personal Lent this morning. But no. I feel so much better.

The weight is lifted. I can breathe easier and the pain is less. Whoopee!

We are getting the dinner ready and then we are off to Mass (without the boys who have earned a chilled morning at home as they served last night).

The all display telling the story of the last nine days is still up from the Raising of Lazarus (Saturday before Palm Sunday) to the Resurrection (today).

I had found a picture of Mary weeping at the empty tomb with Jesus and I must admit to begin with Easter Eve felt a bit like that for me.

Mary is looking at the empty tomb, not with joy of the resurrection but in sad bewilderment. Where is He?

But she gets to see Him soon enough and to adore.

So Happy Easter.


2 responses to “O diem praeclarum! Christus Resurrexit!

  1. Happy Easter to you too Shell.

  2. Hey, I think your very on track with this, I wouldnt say I am completely on the same page, but its not really that much of a issue.

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