Home Education – still waiting for the fat lady to sing.

It’s a lovely Spring day and it’s Easter so there are plenty of better things to do with my time than trawl the MSM and see if they have mentioned anything about the demise of the Children Schools and Families Bill. So I haven’t bothered.

Apparently the General Election has been, or is about to be called; Parliament will be dissolved and the silly posters are going up all over the place. Voting will be May 6th. I wonder what the EHE vote will look like. I wonder how many EHE parents and children with the vote wont bother to vote at all, or will spoil the ballot sheet. I wonder how many, like me, still have no idea who to vote for.

Rumour abounds on what we face; Conservative lead, hung Parliament, even another Labour Government (God forbid).

Carlotta has kept her beady eye on the MSM and spotted a short article in the TES which may or may not be accurate. It says the Bill is off to the Wash up and the Home Ed part of the Bill wont make it. The TES article says the forced sex ed side of things probably will. An approach of lets ditch the whole chabang and start again would seem a better approach, but this is politics.

So did we win?

It looks like we might have won this bit. But like most families I think we will await cautiously until the fat lady sings.

Whatever happens we have a breather now and can go back to concentrating on important things like taking care of my children, ensuring they get a good education and being a family.


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