It really looks like WE WON! The fat lady sings for Home Education and Children’s innocence.

I  saw Fr Ray Blake’s blog this morning but as the whole nasty CSF Bill hadn’t properly gone through the wash up at that point I held fire. But now it seems the press are saying the Bill’s full on attacks on the well being of children, and the rights of families have been drowned in the suddy process of the Wash Up.

Fortunately, despite the bizarre support for the Bill from Oona Stannard and her minions, the voice of ordinary people seem to have been heard.

The Home Education clauses are gone and so, thank God are the forced sex ed bits.

Carlotta has the letter Balls sent to Michael Grove which as you would expect is hardly accurate in its formulations. The letter shows that Balls has not read a single piece of research, or if he has he has ignored it all in favour of what his pseudo-charity money making palls tell him.

Research (mainly American that I have seen or listened to) shows that Sex Ed actually makes things worse. Girls who received the usual kind of values free sex ed were three times more likely to experiment and to end up with diseases, psychological problems and of course pregnancies that those who received no sex ed and those who received abstinence education. Abstinence ed came out better than no ed apparently. Please don’t ask me to find the links for all this; google it. (Or listen to Dr Ray who often talks about up to date research).

His letter to Grove is a whine and has nothing practical of sensible to offer an education system that is broken at the roots.

I think now that we have won a reprieve that more families will take stock of what is best for their children and I think we will see more and more families choosing to home educate.

I am a bit of a cynic, but I would truly like to think that the next Government would support this or if not, at least ignore it.

Meanwhile a celebratory glass of Banrock and then back to what I would rather be doing: being a mother who home educates. 🙂


8 responses to “It really looks like WE WON! The fat lady sings for Home Education and Children’s innocence.

  1. Hi ducks,

    I hope you are seriously celebrating this beautiful day.

    Congrats, and thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog.

  2. just love that fat lady, cheers!!!

  3. Oops! I misread your headline and thought for a minute you were referring to She between the Archbishop and the Ed Balls….
    Great news all round, Deo Gratias.
    Now all we need is for the CES to go through a ‘wash up’..

  4. It is good isn’t it.
    And Kate LOL- no not her thank God, and yes I would truly like to see the CES get washed up.

  5. Hello
    I found your website from another one. I was a member of the General Taeching Council when it first started. When we had our son, we decided to home ed. I was still on the GTC – bizarre, yea — and when I told Oona Stannard of our intention to home ed, she said, “What about socialisation?” Bear in mind that she had already been involved in education for a while. Lots of teachers know as little as the bloke down the pub about home edding. She is very committed to faith schools, which is something these days.

  6. Hi Anthea, thanks for your comment and insight.
    I don’t mind that teachers or others don’t get what HE is all about. I don’t even mind that the question of socialisation gets asked over and over and we have to answer it over and over (bored sometimes but I don’t mind).
    I heartily object to Stannard and the CES making a Government supportive and very public document that showed absolutely no knowledge of EHE and deliberately undermined the rights of parents and children. No one even bothered to approach Catholic Home Educators before writing that appalling document. THAT is out of order, as was her odd support of the sex ed part of the Bill.
    I truly think it is time the CES was dismantled.

  7. This is wonderful news which will be well received by some of my home ed friends (I don’t home ed as I am at the Granny stage of life now!) I am so pleased, and well done for the constant coverage of and battling against these issues which you have been involved in!
    Autumn (formerly Mrs.P) xx

  8. Dear Master Williams

    Thank you for your letter of 18th of March 2010 about home education which has been passed to me for reply.
    Our propsoals to Legislate for a light touch registration and monitoring scheme for home educating families have now been removed from the Children,Schools and Families Billl to enable some parts of the Bill to be passed into law before Parliament is dissolved.
    However ,government remains committed to introducing such a scheme and to the provision of additional support for home educating families.
    Yours sincerely
    Jill Clark
    independent Education and School Governance
    She from the DCSf! bet that hurt to write that letter to Peter

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