So how does he know when to STOP learning?

One of my all time favourite quotes from an LA officer who went to visit a family I know from an online group is the title of this blog entry. The family are autonomous educators and the LA woman had arrived to ‘assess’ them but she hadn’t a clue about AE and probably had never heard of, let alone read any John Holt. So the mother tried to explain how it worked. The poor old LA officer with her notion of “school” being 9 to 3 was horrified at the explanation and exclaimed “So how does he know when to stop learning?” LOL! As it is the Easter hols for school and college children we tend to follow that as it fits with our family and friends. So, I don’t do “formal” (for want of a better word) education in the holidays. But this doesn’t mean the children stop learning. There is still lots to do and see and ask questions about. I am assuming for families who AE this form of education is pretty much what they do all the time.

There is still time to do a bit of cooking with “Hiona the Professional”, making chocolate nests for Easter.

There has been reading and looking at worms and visits to the park.

There was also the chance to meet the newest member of our little HE clan. The arrival of another baby means lots of questions and lots of answers.

You would be surprised at what there is to learn about a baby.

Then in the quiet times I have managed to read a bit, like a good HE mum is s’posed to.

I’ve pottered around the net in search of good resources and new ideas for next term.

I’ll post about that later.


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