Considering Greek lessons.

Ages ago we found this little vid by Steve Demme of Math U See and the children had fun learning the Greek Alphabet.

The curricula is pretty full these days but I still have it in mind to introduce the children to Kione Greek for future Scripture studies should they wish.

I did have a look at Greek n Stuff’s course Hey Andrew Teach Me Some Greek which does look quite good. However, I am still not sure how far we want to go with learning Greek so spending money on a course isn’t such a good idea for us right now.

So I pottered around the net to see what simple introductory stuff might be around to try out.

Kid’s Greek is a growing website of lessons and it is free, though you have to register.

THIS SITE looks good offering a course in NT Greek. It looks to have a good set of lessons with worksheets in pdf.

Then The Advanced Training Institute International offers another course that looks pretty good too.

The lessons are available in AUDIO HERE

And the pdf worksheets are AVAILABLE HERE

It also looks like ATII offers a Scripture study resource. Check it out.


4 responses to “Considering Greek lessons.

  1. We did Latin in our first year. I am thinking of doing it again because we haven’t used it and I have forgotten a bit of it.

    The other language I am interested in teaching the children is Sign language.

  2. Sign language is a beautiful language. AusSL is very similar to our BSL it’s much easier for me to understand AusSL than ASL (American) I think it might be because Australia inherited quite a bit of BSL whereas from what I’ve seen ASL is more akin to French Sign Language.
    You could look at some of the links in my sidebar under Languages for BSL but you would probably be better checking out what Australian Sign was around on the net. Good hunting and have fun 🙂

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