Feast of Divine Mercy.

Our Church Easter scene with the red and blue of Divine Mercy.

This has got to be one of my favourite feasts. I read the Diary of St Faustina for Lent a few years ago and found it an amazing and deep insight into, not just her life, but the love and mercy Christ wants to pour out on us, if only we would ask Him. Of course He warns that those who refuse mercy will get justice. I think most us recognise we would much rather have mercy-we need it.


Must add here that Sister Mary Martha explains the Plenary Indulgence for Divine Mercy in the way only she can.  Go ask her about it 😉


2 responses to “Feast of Divine Mercy.

  1. The feast of Divine Mercy is one of my favourites too. Never has it been talked about in a sermon on Divine Mercy Sunday in our parish.

  2. Therese, we rarely hear the Feast mentioned either. Father tends to go home this weekend so we always have visiting priests; I think ONE talked of Divine Mercy. It is a shame.

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