Heleyna turns 3 and has a somewhat odd birthday.

Yesterday was Heleyna’s 3rd birthday. She had a lovely day and enjoyed herself no end, especially as her godmother popped over before work and gave her a music box which she absolutely adores.

We were having a fairly quiet day as her party is on Friday when the HE families are coming over.

The biggies had gone out, Josh with his girlfriend and the others with friends to the cinema.

They all returned at about the same time; Josh with his birthday pressie (he is 21 tomorrow!) from Rach, which he is trying to forget he has seen until she presents it properly tomorrow, and Alex and Iona with their friends plus an extra one they had kidnapped along the way. Finally MC arrived after her work placement and the house was duly full of young people.

We had take away pizza for tea for all the gang and us (Avila had chips as the only gluten free thing we could find) and this was followed by birthday cake (Avila had a decorated gluten free cookie).

I have to say a little tea party for a 3 yr old with

a gang of young people is most unusual and the fact that Josh had bought her a firework for her cake gave an added touch of oddness.

And yes Alex IS wearing a pink shirt. You can blame his beloved for that. She bought it for him in Italy and although she also bought him one in black and one in white we all voted that he had to wear the pink one-proudly and in public.

He struggle with this-but a man must do many a strange thing for love.

After tea Heleyna showed her sheep from Granddad and auntie Shirley and her much loved music box to everyone and played the music…a lot. Alex is pained by this as you can see.

The other pressie from Granddad and Auntie Shirley was a story book called The Scary Adventure.

Al decided he should read this as a pre-bedtime story, but the three little ones had other things to play with and vanished from the room. This i no way prevented story time from taking place.

The audience for the story aged from 16 to nearly 21, sat back and relaxed.

You are never too old for a kids story.

Especially one with a happy ending.


3 responses to “Heleyna turns 3 and has a somewhat odd birthday.

  1. Happy birthday Heleyna! My little girl is 2 and she spends a lot of time with her uncle (my very little brother, 21) and his friends – as well as some of our younger friends (many of them male). I love seeing them develop kind and respectful relationships with each other – it’s really quite unusual, unfortunately.

  2. How beautiful…i love posts like these…such a wonderful celebration of life 🙂

    Birthday Greetings to your lovely little lady 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday Heleyna.

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