side bar updates

I’m updating the side bar. It’s getting a bit crowded and I am wondering if it’s getting a bit difficult to navigate.

Anyway I have decided I need to purge a few links as well as adding even more.

But as there is so much stuff I want to add I’ve decided to start a new blog that will just be for free online books and magazines and possibly other resources. The sidebar of that will be organised much the same as this with posts offering pdfs etc for downloads.

It will rely heavily on books from Internet Archive but there are other places offering really good out of copyright or public domain books. So I’m building that up and will link it shortly.

While I’m on about new sites:

Poisson Rouge is a positive gold mine of stuff to do and learn. Heleyna has made friends with the snail in the rain (on the red TV) and has a whole story she has made up about him. There’s quite a good foreign language area where my lot have been doing a bit more Chinese and there’s a Greek alphabet with some modern Greek to learn too. And that’s just a small part of this huge site. Go and have a look.


3 responses to “side bar updates

  1. Hey if you run into any questions with the Chinese stuff, send me an email. My better half was a professional interpreter (Cantonese, Mandarin) before becoming a home-school teacher.

  2. Thanks, that’s very kind of. you

  3. Hi there..
    We would like to introduce our blog to you that highlights our free homeschool resources we make and offer to other homeschoolers. Perhaps you may be interested in viewing them and sharing with your readers?

    Ours are Catholic based resources that we create ourselves and our children use. My wife has used them in her CCD class as well.

    That Resource Team

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