Home Educators escaped from the clutches of Ofsted-thank God!

Having just read THIS PIECE on the arbitrariness of Ofsted inspectors I can only say, thank God we aren’t going to be inspected by them!

A LA near here, where one of the HE families we know well lives were under the Badman-Balls pilot idea of getting Ofsted involved with “inspecting” home education. No one co-operated though so it didn’t do too well. Part of the reason no one co-operated was the standard of questionnaire sent out by Ofsted that assumed, ignorantly, that HE is school at home and therefore could be judged as a small school.

If these people had been given unwelcome access to our homes there would have been a great deal of damage done to families. In some ways damage to schools can be mitigated by the institutional set up so that children aren’t too effected by silly outcomes, but a family has no such safety net.

The fact that schools could be downgraded because children were deemed to be bringing the wrong kind of lunches to school is the very scenario some HE parents were afraid would happen to our home life!

A narrow escape methinks.


2 responses to “Home Educators escaped from the clutches of Ofsted-thank God!

  1. *GASP*!!! WHAT?

    I am SO surprised.

    Oh. Wait. Maybe I’m not surprised. So glad no HE families cooperated. What a joke.

  2. In our area we have the opposite problem…a completely terrible secondary school which Ofsted routinely says is outstanding.

    Ofsted often make me feel as if I am living in a separate universe, (- not even a close parallel one!)

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