Two days in the life; Foxton Locks and a Home Education Friday

Yesterday we went to Foxton Locks where the children got to learn a bit about locks, canals, an inclined plane and some of the old trade that went through the locks over the years.

In the little museum was a small living end of a boat which the children absolutely loved. It was interesting to see how they automatically took on ‘traditional’ roles. Ronan was in charge of the tiller and he chose the goods the boat would carry. From the museum samples of wool, wood, stone, coal and pottery, he chose coal. Avila meanwhile was the redoubtable boatwife taking care of home and family. She even put Heleyna to bed and kissed her goodnight. AAAh.

There was a little puzzle for the children to work out how to make an inclined plane.

It was a simple way of explaining how it could work.

There was plenty of wildlife to see and Ronan had his little tree id set thing which was useful.

There was plenty of history about how the locks and inclined plane worked and the children could see traditional canal art which we need to follow up on I think.

Then today was the usual Friday when we do Art (Minoan today) and then history (Story of the World Vol 1) followed by the Musical Troy Story.

We make sure the children have plenty of time to play and the mums get to discuss where we are and what we are doing in our HE lives.

On Wednesday Ronan and Avila had gone to the Midlands Art Centre (MAC) for a special pre-re-opening session in which the children got an up close look at the Staffordshire gold. Apparently they were in a couple of the papers.

While there a conversation was overheard between a couple of women.

“I don’t object to home education,” one woman said, “If that’s what they want to do. But I would rather send my children to school  to make sure they get a proper education wouldn’t you?”

“oh yeah.” replied the other.

The person who overheard them is a qualified teacher. She felt like going over and educating these two ignorant ladies. She’s had a lot to do with us HE people and like a lot of teachers who get up close with the HE children in their area have found that they are receiving an education far superior to that offered in school.

The boys have made up their own moves to go in the musical and I have to say they are very funny.

We’re hoping to have it ready for a Summer showing and filming day.

Let’s see what happens!


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