I have Fibromyalgia

I had a rheumatologist  appt on Wed. It was my first one after asking the GP for a referral after our last little talk about WHY am I like this?

After some poking around on some very tender parts of my anatomy I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

So finally, after seven long years, I now know why I am like this.

I am much relieved to have a diagnosis and will continue to get on with my life. I am already dealing with the pain and have found that the amitrip is working well.

Talking about the symptoms was interesting because the doc took a very different history than other docs have taken. She asked about lung problems and I said asthma-which other docs have either never asked about or not bothered with. She then asked me about the stuff that goes with it; such as my repetitive chest infections and even the fact that I had so many boughts of bronchitis and chest infections as a child. I hadn’t realised that this is a common part of Fibro.

I am very fortunate in that I don’t get the severe depression side of things; I get fed up of constant pain of course but I don’t nose dive into depression. I think I’m pretty lucky there.

I know that good patches don’t mean it’ll all be fine but I also know that bad patches or flares as those in the know call’em are the end of the world. The doc did say some people completely recover so I can live in hope. On the other hand, as things stand it is incurable.

The doc had a lot of blood taken just to make sure it was not something else and to check general health. But that was routine.

Now that I know, I’m going to inform myself a lot but not spend too much time fretting about it. Nothing has changed. I just know what is going on. And that’s good.


10 responses to “I have Fibromyalgia

  1. sanabituranima

    I’m glad you know what’s going on now.

  2. Hi Ducks,

    I imagine that it’s somewhat of a relief to find out that there is a cause for all those things that you felt weren’t right.

    I’m sure you’ll cope with charm and fortitude because you’ve found the ‘good’ side of it and are staying positive.

    Well done you.

    Many good hugs and good wishes coming your way from me.

  3. I am glad to know that you know what is going on. I love your attitude!

  4. Goodness me, I’ve just had a look at the link. That sounds horrible.
    What an incredible job you are doing!
    Chronic pain is so very debilitating, and emotionally draining too. Small wonder that depression is common. I remember hearing something similar about chronic back pain.
    I’m amazed that with the constant hum of pain in the background you are able to do all that you do, and then put some very cogent , blog posts together to boot.
    What can i say? Commiserations on being diagnosed with a crap illness and no end in sight, but congratulations on being blessed with such fortitude and longanimity.
    I will add you to our long term prayer intentions .

  5. So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. (Isaiah 41:10)

    sounds like you already 🙂 will pray for you (I’m sure He knows who mum6kids is! 😉

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  7. Thank you for the support everyone. LOL Clare I am glad you think I manage cogency when I often think I have managed garbled posts!

    I am truly blessed to be able to deal with this. I have a special prayer for the bad days where I simply beg God to give me just enough to get through the day. He has always done that-even when I’ve had the children bring work up to me in hospital. He takes care of our family well.

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  9. Schell, I am so relieved for you! I know that must sound daft to other people, but i know how debilitating and painful your illness has been, through our chats in our emails to one another! I am absolutely delighted that you finally have a diagnosis. That is half the battle won, i think, KNOWING what you have.

    My Mum read your post before me today and bought it to my attention and said that she couldn’t believe all the symptoms on the list (on the link you provided) as i seem to have so many of them myself. As you know, the neurologists i have seen have not been forthcoming and i asked about being referred to a rheumatoligist but my doctor said no, as i don;t have ‘rheumatism’.

    After living with chronic pain for many years, i can only imagine the relief of finally having a diagnosis, i know a diagnosis doesn;t heal you, but i hope it will give you some comfort in knowing that you are not mad and that you have not been imaging all these symptoms for all these years!

    Was this a NHS doctor you saw at a routine appointment, Schell or a private consultation, if i may ask ?

  10. Hi Deb,
    I think you should push for a rheumi appt. My GPs first response was “but you don’t have rheumatism,” and so I bluntly said, I was frustrated that 7yrs down the line I still had no diagnosis that the neuros had dropped me without even bothering to let me know and I suspected I had Fibro. In the end she agreed and referred me.

    I went NHS. Waited about 7weeks for the appt which wasn’t bad for the NHS and have been discharged back to the GP who apparently help manage Fibro. I can request a pain clinic appt too if I want but at the moment I am doing all the pain management they would suggest anyway.
    I notice the NHS Fibro leaflet suggests swimming which I do sometimes but it always makes things worse. I go with and for the children but as a way of helping me ha! Mind you at least in the water I don’t look like a dilapidated old crip 🙂
    I have a book on Fibro-it’s amazing because it’s like reading the story of my life! The Rheumi doc took history from my childhood; migraines and repetitive chest infections and bronchitis. No one else has ever asked about that.
    Some researchers believe people are born with Fibro and it develops over time with a trigger point to make things worse.
    I hope you get answers soon Deb and don’t have to wait 7 years to find out!!!

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