Alex gets to grips with Zbrush for his final major project.

One of the things that irritated me during the CSF Bill fight was the number of anti-HE people who sneered at art as a subject.  With their attitudes it is hardly any wonder how little art gets taught in schools these days.

Alex is in college now and is embarking on his final major project for his Btec in Art and Design. Over the past couple of years he has taught himself how to use 3D modelling software like Blender and now for his final project he is branching out into industry standard software like Maya and Zbrush. One of his friends has lent him some tuition DVDs and he has been busy melting his brain cells getting to grips with it all.

This is a screen shot from one day’s work on Zbrush. He is building a figure of Belopheron the first person to ride Pegasus.

A lot of work goes into this kind of thing. He hopes to work in the game industry at some point and is busy building his portfolio.

I have to say I don’t believe Alex would be able to work the way he does, or even to have the drawing talent he has if he hadn’t been home educated.

This picture is a screen grab of his work in Maya. It’s a long process.


One response to “Alex gets to grips with Zbrush for his final major project.

  1. This looks fantastic! It’s inspiring too. My daughter is extremely creative and this is what she focuses on. It’s as if it is at the centre of her being. When she was in school she tells me that she began to feel “switched off”, almost disassociated with the world because there was so little time to be creative. She was certainly on the verge of depression.

    Now she is doing a couple of GCSE’s just to try to get on to an art and design course she’s interested in. I can see it is having a similar affect on her. She’s very intelligent, but hates the confines of curriculum and jumping through exam-style hoops. Yet she has so much to offer.

    Very well done to your son -it would be lovely to see more in the future!

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