The brave Home Educator

A couple of people recently have suggested that I am brave to home educate. I know other home educators face this; “Brave” label and it irritates them. It doesn’t irritate me. People think I am ‘brave’ because I use a wheelchair (I am not sure what is brave about that but I don’t object if people want to think that way- people will think as they please anyway).  I have been approached by complete strangers while out with the children who are both astonished and one woman was horrified that a wheelchair bound user had children.

Anyway I am brave, it seems, because I have chosen to home educate the children. Well, maybe I am brave 🙂 I allow my 3 yr old to get covered in flour while she …er…helps…her brother with his experiment about how craters are formed on Mercury.  I let the children make more decisions about their life and things they are interested in than I used to which might be brave-though I doubt it.

There are days when I really wish I had sent them all to school and nursery and I had the house quietly to myself. But most days I quite like the business of educating the children. There’s something great about watching a 7yr old throw a lump of dinosaur poo (thank you Shana for the poo) at a pan of flour to see if it will make a good crater. We had finished the chapter on Mercury in his Astronomy book and them there were other things to do.

It is lovely that on a nice day the children will set up their lessons outside or in the pop up tent.

But yes, there are times when I wish it wasn’t so time consuming I could have a load of “me” time like some other mothers I know. But I don’t envy them having to go out and earn their money. (Been there, done the 46-60 hr week too. Never again!).

The mothers and grandmother who said I was brave are not being patronising, although I realise why some HE mums get a bit uptight about it- but they don’t really understand why anyone would really want to home educate.  I am pleased though that despite the appalling media coverage and Government anti-home ed campaign that we have just emerged from, that these mothers and grandmother don’t see HE has a bad idea. They recognise it’s place and the grandmother in particular is fascinated by what we do and how we do it.

Firebird notes that the rent seekers are still waiting in the shadows to produce more trouble for home educators. She asks us if we can DO1Thing4HE then what might that be?

My Thing4HE is that I write this blog. I hope it gives an insight into what my corner of HE looks like and I hope the sidebar of the blog is useful as well as the blog through the bookcase 🙂

I also try to answer anyone’s questions on what we do and why.

I know I might never get some people to understand what happens and why. I know there are those out there who don’t want to know-they just hope there is some kind of financial gain at our expense for them.

I am sure there is more to come for Home Education whoever ends up in Government by the end of May 6th (and no, I still don’t know who I will vote for).

I thought I would finish with this picture of not domestic servitude, but domestic bliss as the oldest and youngest children in our HE group get to know each other.

When there’s a few families working together on this, it seems a lot less brave and a lot more fun.


3 responses to “The brave Home Educator

  1. I’ve not yet heard the “brave” comment. I tend to get more of the “*I* could never do that. It would drive me crazy to be around my kids all day ~summer is bad enough”type comments. *sigh*

    horrified because you are a mother in a wheelchair? odd. just odd.

  2. Great post 🙂 I think your blog is a fantastic service. I had the “brave” comment recently but from someone who thought I was letting J get too far ahead on his bike. He’d just pulled over and shouted out “car!” to us, so I think it was not so much brave as knowing and trusting our child and giving him freedom to explore and grow- bit like HE really!

  3. sanabituranima

    I think people assume that anyone who does anything in even a slightly non-typical way must be either brave or insane (or perhaps both.)

    “People think I am ‘brave’ because I use a wheelchair (I am not sure what is brave about that but I don’t object if people want to think that way- people will think as they please anyway). ”

    Perhaps you will enjoy this:

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